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In Search of Sessile Oak (Quercus petraea) in Germany

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Last year, Sylvia and I went on a three-day holiday to visit some friends who own a camping site near the city of Bitburg (where the famous beer Bitburger comes from) in Germany, a three-hour drive from where I live. Due to logging, Quercus petraea, in its pure form, has become very rare in the Netherlands, and only occurs sparsely near the German border. I always wanted to see ‘the other’ native oak in its pure form, because when you find one in the forest, it is very likely hybridized by Quercus robur, resulting in the natural hybrid (Q. ×rosacea).

Successfully Growing Quercus insignis

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Ever since I was interested in oaks, there was one species most desirable for me, and for many other people interested in oaks: Quercus insignis  M. Martens & Galeotti (1843).

Oak Open Days at Trompenburg

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The Oak Open Days at Trompenburg were a great success, with interesting lectures and garden walks among the Netherlands Plant Collection for Quercus in Rotterdam.


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