Special Issue of the Journal Ecosistemas (in Spanish) Devoted to "Ecology and Management of Oaks".

IOS-member Teodoro Marañón has sent me links to a special issue of the Spanish journal "Ecosistemas" (Ecosystems) that he has co-edited. The journal is in Spanish, but for anyone able to read the language, it is well worth perusing. 

Special issue of the journal Ecosistemas devoted to Quercus

The Spanish journal Ecosistemas (open access) has devoted a special issue to the "Ecology and Management of Quercus species." The issue includes an Editorial, four review papers, and 11 research papers, dealing with a wide scope of topics from molecular biology to community ecology, always related to one or several Quercus species. 

This group of scientific contributions will be of interest to students, researchers and managers aiming to preserve and sustainably manage Quercus-dominated forests.

Follow the link below to the journal's website. Articles can be downloaded as PDF files.