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Karl Georg Theodor Kotschy was an Austrian botanist and...
Eike Jablonski | Jun 11, 2016
Quercus grisea - Greenlee County, AZ
This article is an account of the oak field trip organized...
Charles Snyers | Sep 22, 2017
North American oaks have a northern temperate origin and...
Website Editor | Oct 12, 2017

Plant Focus

Quercus acutissima subsp. kingii
Quercus acutissima Carruth. is a species whose natural distribution covers a vast territory in East and Southeast Asia, from central Nepal...

Guide illustré des chênes


This book on the oaks of the world has been eagerly awaited for a long time. All species and cultivars are extensively discussed and pictured, almost always with all details separately shown (such as leaves, bark, acorns, flowers etc). A very complete overview of the oaks spanning 140 pages is followed by the very detailed descriptions and pictures of each species organized by continent. Editions in English, German, Dutch and several other languages are expected in 2009. This book is in 2 large volumes with slipcase. Total number of pages, 1392; total number of pictures, 4000. The book costs €145.00.