The 8th International Oak Society Seed Exchange

8th IOS Seed Exchange at The Morton Arboretum

Once again the IOS Seed Exchange at The Morton Arboretum was a highlight of the Conference. Nick Stoynoff and his team did a fantastic job of setting up the tables with carefully sorted and labeled bags of seed, in a tent next to the Thornhill Education Center, while the Business Meeting was in session. The proximity of the location served to contain the stampede when our new President declared the meeting closed, nevertheless the scene was reminiscent of Black Friday sales and Beatlemania as members rushed in to snatch up the goodies. The variety of oak taxa represented was impressive (112—plus 32 other genera), and Nick kindly forwarded a list with details, so if any Seed Exchange participant has lost a label or has any questions concerning seed obtained there, write to and we'll share the information. With thanks to Warren Chatwin for the photos.

Photos: Warren Chatwin