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Plant Focus

Quercus peninsularis
A Red Oak (Section Lobatae) endemic to inland ranges of northern Baja California, Mexico

Oak News & Notes - Table of Contents

Click on the name of each issue (in green) to download the pdf file.

Volume 1, No. 1, 1997

Title Author  Subject
From Our President Guy Sternberg Interim Board of Directors ballot for new Board
Letter from the Editors M. Nigel and Lisa Wright Society history and current status
Cal-i-forn-ia Here We Come   Announcement of 2nd International Oak Conference
Attention Oak Society Members Guy Sternberg Oaks of the World Project
Journal Update   Request for material for Journals
Membership Update   Life memberships
Seed Exchange   Requests for seed
Calendar of Events   Oak Open Days, Conferences, Vol 3 Flora of North America
Letter to the Editor Daniel Sanford Checklist of Trees "Hardy" in the UK
Advertising Space in Society Newsletter   Offer of advertising space
Report from the Treasurer   Incorporation, finances


Volume 2, No. 1, 1998

Title Author  Subject
Our Second Triennial Conference Guy Sternberg Report on California Conference
Points of Contact   Several addresses for society business
Calendar of Events   Workshop, meeting
Crusaders   Actions by members Dan Keiser, Dick Sage, Wayne Erickson
Bios of New IOS Board Members   Richard J. Jensen, Thierry Lamant, Ron Lance, Doug McCreary, Maricela Rodriguez Acosta
Tour of Kew Royal Botanic Gardens Jo Bonner Tour report
In Memoriam   Dr. John Pair, Michael Bonn.
New Oak Book Available   The Life of an Oak by Glenn Keator
News Flash!   1998 Oak Open Day, Kassel, Germany
Letter to the Editor Pietro Cipriano, Jr. Request for seed


Volume 2, No. 2, 1998

Title Author  Subject
Oak Open Days Guy Sternberg Report on Third Annual Oak Open Days, Germany
Calendar of Events   Conferences
Acorn Initiative Narrowly Defeated   Initiative to halt destruction of oak habitat in Santa Barbara, California
Oaks On Line   IOS website announced
Membership Renewals   Memberships converted to calendar year basis
Points of Contact   Several addresses for society business
Oak Physiology Meeting Brings Scientists Together   Report on Seventh
Workshop on Seedling Physiology and
Growth Problems in Oak Plantings
The Third International Oak Conference   Conference details announced
Publications Update   Membership directory, conference proceedings
Announcement   World Checklist and Bibliography of Fagales now available
Letter to the Editor Simon Laine Request for seed


Volume 3, No. 1, 1999

Title Author  Subject
Oak Open Days Scheduled for October in the French Riviera Thierry Lamant OOD in French Riviera announced
Calendar of Events   Oak/Beech Symposium, Oak Open Days, OAK 2000, Third IOS Conference
Teaming up with the International Oak Society Guy Sternberg Call for volunteers and support for IOS
Membership and Payments   Explanation for delays in membership processing
Points of Contact   Several addresses for society business
Millennium Project Targets Oak Planting   Edward Munyard's project to plant 2000 oaks to commemorate the Millennium
The Third International Oak Conference Ron Lance Preparations for the Third IOS Conference
Publications Update   Issue No. 9 of International Oaks delayed
Election 2000-Board Nominations Sought   Call for nominations for Board candidates
Letter to the Editor Dr. E.H. Ahrens, Jr. Plans for re-oaking Catskill Mountains in New York state


Volume 3, No. 2, 1999

Title Author  Subject
Von Bomen Valt Veel Te Leeren Guy Sternberg Netherlands Dendrology Society 75th anniversary celebrations
Calendar of Events   OAK 2000, Third IOS Conference,
Oak Open Days in France a Success Dorothy Holley Report on OOD in French Riviera
Points of Contact   Several addresses for society business
Final Preparations for Third International Oak Conference Nearly Finished Preparations for the Third IOS Conference
The Questionable Status of Two Mexican Oaks Bob Berry Species status proposed for Quercus affinis f. subintegra and Q. ocoteifolia
Letter to the Editor Ted Munyard Request for seed for Burghead Forest project
In Memoriam   Augustin Stanciu
Back Issues of International Oaks Society Journal Now Available Back issues of IOS Journal offered
Membership Directory Updates   Updated membership information to be mailed to members


Volume 4, No. 1, 2000

Title Author  Subject
Seed Exchange for Conference 2000 Dorothy Holley Instructions for seed exchange
Board Ballot and Proxy Forms to be Mailed Out in July   Rudy Light will send out ballots and proxy forms
Third International Oak Conference   Registration deadline announced
Looking Back and Looking Ahead Guy Sternberg Summary of society business
Points of Contact   Several addresses for society business
Proceedings of Regeneration Workshop Available   Proceedings of 7th Workshop of Seedling Physiology and Growth Problems in Oak Plantings available
Widespread Mortality of Oaks in Japan Shigeru Kaneko Mortality of two native Japanese oak species reported
In Memoriam   David W. Ford, Nathan Shapiro
Oaks of California book   New edition of Oaks of California available for order


Volume 4, No. 2, 2000

Title Author  Subject
Sudden Oak Death Threatens California's Oak Forests   Sudden Oak Death in California
Calendar of Events   Oaks in California's Changing Landscape, Oak Open Days Spain and Portugal
Photo of business meeting participants   Nearly fifty members participated in 2000 business meeting
Oak Symposium to be Held in California   Oaks in California's Changing Landscape, San Diego
Two new members were elected to the Board of Directors of the IOS Dorothy Holley and Eike Jablonski elected to Board
Tick Alert for Easterners   Bumper acorn crops lead to increased populations of mice and deer ticks.
Moving Forward… Guy Sternberg Report on Third Conference and society business
Membership Renewals Due Richard Jensen Membership renewal reminder


Volume 5, No. 1, 2001

Title Author  Subject
Oak Voted National Tree in the U.S.   People of the US have selected the oak as America's National Tree
Calendar of Events   Chihuahuan Desert Region Oak Trip, Workshop on Seedling Physiology and Growth Problems in Oak Plantings, Oaks in California's Changing Landscape, OODs Spain and Portugal
President's Message Ron Lance Various Society announcements
In Memoriam   Dr. Friedrich (Fritz) Duhme
Seeding the Future from Dateline, UC Davis John Tucker donates $500,000 to UC Davis herbarium and arboretum
Oak Open Days to be held in Spain and Portugal Francisco M. Vázquez Pardo Program and costs of OODs in Spain and Portugal


Volume 5, No. 2, 2001

Title Author  Subject
New Arboretum Opens   Taltree Arboretum and Gardens, Valparaiso, Indiana announces arboretum open.
New Oak Publication Available   Quercus Psalter, limited edition artist's book by Sue Ann Robinson
Oak Open Days in Spain, 2001 Ron Lance Spain OODs report
Informal Oaks Open Day at Sir Harold Hillier Gardens and Arboretum Jo Earle and Barry Denyer-Green OOD at Hillier Gardens report
Acorns for America­-Share the Excitement! Janet McCormick Urban re-forestation project
Quercus alba Pat Cobb Poem
Next International Oak Society Conference Set for 2003 Ron Holley Winchester Conference and Committee announced
New Oak Disease Guy Sternberg Bacterial leaf scorch (BLS) in Illinois, USA
Chihuahuan Desert Oak Exploration Trip--August 2001 John Gammon Chihuahuan Desert OOD report
In Memorium Eike Jablonski Dr. Yuri Menitzky
To All Our Friends Abroad: Thanks! Guy Sternberg Thanks for support following 9/11 attacks


Volume 6, No. 1, 2002

Title Author  Subject
Tree Tour Yields Results Guy Sternberg Bloomington Bur Oak saved following visit by IOS members
New Oak Books   Three new books on oaks announced
Send in Your Nominations Now   Call for nominations for Board candidates and Awards
Oak Open Days 2002 Scheduled for Turkey   Announcement of OODs in Turkey
Book Review: Arboretum Trompenburg, Green Oasis in Rotterdam Eike Jablonski Book by J.R.P. van Hoey Smith
Sudden Oak Death Update Doug McCreary Latest developments of Sudden Oak Death


Volume 6, No. 2, 2002

Title Author  Subject
Oak Open Days in Turkey Barry Denyer-Green Turkey OODs report
Sudden Oak Death Science Symposium to be held in California   SOD conference announced
Elections 2003--Board Sought   Call for nominations for Board
Prepublication Announcement   Field Guide to Native Oak Species of Eastern North America to be published 
Planning for Fourth International Oak Conference Almost Complete Ron Holley Conference planning update
Oak Day England Barry Denyer-Green OOD at estate of Carol and Elizabeth Gurney
Congratulations International Dendrology Society Ron Lance IDS congratulated on 50th Anniversary
Proceeding of Oak Woodland Symposium Available   Oak in California's Changing Landscape symposium proceedings on CD-Rom
In Memoriam Tom Atkinson Michael Keeling
New Publication on Oak Regeneration   Regenerating Rangeland Oaks in California published by University of California


Volume 6, No. 3, 2003

Title Author  Subject
Ozarks Under Siege by Red Oak Borers   Increase in population of red oak borer in Missouri and Arkansas
Board Election and By-Law Ballot and Proxy Form to be Mailed in June Ron Lance Board elections explained
Special Oak Disease Symposium Scheduled   Oak disease symposium to be held in Charlotte, North Carolina.
Letters to the Editor T.M. Hawley, Mike Tyler Researchers requesting information
The Winchester Conference and Tours Ron Holley Latest news on Winchester Conference organization
Oak Meeting to be Held in Japan John Carlson IUFRO conference to be held in Tsukuba, Japan


Volume 8, No. 1, 2004

Title Author  Subject
Fourth International Oak Conference a Smashing Success Doug McCreary Report of the Conference in Winchester
New Book Available   Champion Trees of Britain and Ireland available at discounted rate for members
Officers and Board Members Elected   Officers and Board Members for 2003-2006 term
Oak Wilt CD Available   CD about oak wilt disease by IOS member Dr. Jennifer Juzwik
Increase in Membership Dues Eike Jablonski New fee structure announced
Letters to the Editor Philippe Contier Tales and legends regarding oaks requested
Fourth International Oak Conference Pre-conference Trip Barry Denyer-Green Tour report
UK Oak Tour 16-20 September 2003 Guy Sternberg Tour report
Old Dickory Saved From Destruction   Ancient live oak saved
International Society of Arboriculture Credits Still Available   Continuing education credits available for IOS Conference


Volume 8, No. 2, 2004

Title Author  Subject
Concern About Sudden Oak Death Brows Doug McCreary Update on Sudden Oak Death
Letters to the Editor Steve Houser Response to Philippe Gontier and article about Old Dickory
Open Day in England Jo Earle   OOD at Thenford announced
Book Review: Pictorial Encyclopedia of Oaks in Japan Eike Jablonski New book by botanical artist and IOS member Keiko Tokunaga
French Oak Open Days Scheduled Thierry Lamant OODs to be held in France
Book Review: Native Trees for North American Landscapes Doug McCreary New book by Guy Sternberg and Jim Wilson
Another Great Oak Lost in 2003 Guy Sternberg US Champion Quercus velutina lost to hurricane Isabel Sep 19, 2003
Oak Tour of Turkey and Georgia Set for Fall 2004   Tour itinerary announced


Volume 9, No. 1, 2005

Title Author  Subject
Second Sudden Oak Death Science Symposium Held in California   SOD symposium held in Monterey, California
Oldest Tree at Versailles Palace Lost   Marie-Antoinette's oak succumbed to heat wave and died
Mark Your Calendars for the 2006 Conference David Richardson Dallas Conference announced
Now it's official: Oak is national tree of U.S.   Oak approved by Congress as national symbol
Quercus rubra 'Schrefeldii' - What's behind its name? Eike Jablonski History of the name of a Q. rubra cultivar
IOS Financial Report William J. Hess Report of IOS financial situation
Attention Oak Society Members   Membership renewal reminder
International Oak Days September 2005 - Sussex, England Barry Denyer-Green OODs announced
Oak Discussion Group Recently Formed by Matt Strong Matt Strong Yahoo! Group started for IOS members

Volume 9, No. 2, 2005

Title Author  Subject
Hurricanes Katrina and Rita and the Live Oaks Coleen Perilloux Landry Live oaks withstand Hurricanes Katrina and Rita
Letter to the Editor Tom Atkinson Feedback on International Oaks
In Search of a Legend Gene Hyde The Birthing Tree, a majestic Q. alba in Tennessee
In Memoriam   Aydin Borazan
Book Review: The Oaks of Rogalin Eike Jablonski Photographs of a declining oak forest in Poland
In Memoriam   Pat Tomlinson
Fifth International Oak Conference Update David Richardson Update on the Dallas Conference
Board Election   Diana Gardener Request for nominations for the Board
Library of Trees, Bur Oak Issue Enclosed   Complimentary copy of Library of Trees, Bur Oak Issue to be enclosed in next issue of Journal

Volume 10, No. 1, 2006

Title Author  Subject
2006 International Oak Conference Oct. 29-31 David Richardson Conference Report
Dallas Seed Exchange   Instructions for seed exchange
IOS Board Election in Progress Diana Gardener Voting instructions
New International Oak Society Tours Committee Formed Eike Jablonski Tour Committee formed to help organize IOS excursions and tours
IUFRO Oak Conference Scheduled   International Union of Forest Research Organizations to hold Oak Conference in Wisconsin, USA
Oak Symposium to be Held in California   Sixth California Oak Symposium to be held October 9-12
More On Quercus x warburgii Allen Coombes Call for seedlings to be grown from Q. rugosa acorns in cultivation, to test parentage of Q. x warburgii
The Harold Hillier Arboretum Allen Coombes Call for herbarium samples for the official herbarium of the IOS
New "National Oak Collections of Oaks" Proposed in France Eike Jablonski Oak collections of Shaun Haddock and Michel Duhart proposed as French National Collections


Volume 10, No. 2, 2007

Title Author  Subject
The 2006 Triennial Conference David Richardson Conference report
Sponsoring New Members   IOS to sponsor new members
IOS Election Results Diana Gardener New Board announced
Oak Collecting Tour to Japan, October 2007   IOS Tour to Japan announced
Database of Oaks Collected   Request for information on oak collections
Tour of Buckingham Palace Planned   One-day tour of Buckingham Palace Gardens and Chelsea Physic Gardens announced
Notes on Quercus coccinea Muenchh and Quercus ellipsoidalis Hill Richard Jensen Reaction to article on Q. ellipsoidalis in International Oaks


Volume 11, No. 2, 2007

Title Author  Subject
A New Service for Quercophiles! The Oak Names Database Is Now Searchable Online Piers Trehane Online checklist of oak names is published
Arboretum in France May Be Lost   Campaign to save Arborétum du Centre Hélio-marin organized by Thierry Lamant
Japanese Tour Update   Details of upcoming Tour to Japan, with President's note by Allen Coombes
Oak Photos Needed   Call for photos for Gallery on Q. robur and Q. petraea
Conference 2009 Maricela Rodriguez-Coombes Puebla Conference Announced
Reminder: Don't Miss the Tour in England   Reminder of visit to Chelsea Physic Garden and Buckingham Palace Gardens
New Membership Brochure Enclosed   Updated membership brochure shared with members
Arboretum Manager Sought   Starhill Forest Arboretum seeking a manager / future director


Volume 11, No. 3, 2007

Title Author  Subject
In Memoriam Dorothy Holley Jo Earle
The Society Needs Your Help--Membership and Inventory Management   Call for Volunteers for Membership Chair and Inventory Management/Distribution
Robin Hood May Return   Campaign for restoration of Sherwood Forest to be funded by UK Lottery
Oak Open Days in Austria and Italy   OOD in Austria and Italy announced for September 17-21, 2008
Society Products for Sale   Shirts and tote bags from the Dallas Conference available for purchase
Arboretum Manager Sought   Starhill Forest Arboretum seeking a manager / future director


Volume 12, No. 1&2, 2008

Title Author  Subject
Bur Oak Canyon Symposium Scheduled for Sept. 8-9, 2008   Symposium at McCook Community College with field trip to Bur Oak Canyon
WANTED! Candidates for the 2009 Board Elections   Call for candidates for Board
Oak Images Wanted   Call for photos for Gallery on a prominent Asian oak species
New Web Site to Be On Line Soon   New website to be tested
Sixth International Oak Society Conference Maricela Rodriguez-Coombes First circular with details of Conference
The End of an Era   Amerindian Trail Market Tree fell in a storm
Proceedings of the Third Sudden Oak Death Science Symposium Available   Proceedings of 2007 SOD Science Symposium available for download
Errata: IOS Journal Spring 2008 Shaun Haddock Errors in captions in International Oaks No. 19
Saving Quercus sichourensis (Hu) C.C. Huang & Y.T. Chang Conservation efforts to save Quercus sichourensis receive support from IOS and donations from members


Volume 13, No. 1, 2009

Title Author  Subject
In Memoriam Ellen A. Dean & Guy Sternberg John Maurice Tucker
In Memoriam Roderick Cameron Bridget and Duncan Cameron
New Tours Committee Guidelines Established James Hitz Basic outline available of how to set up an IOS tour
Starhill Forest Arboretum Donated to Illinois College   Guy and Edie Sternberg, founding proprietors of Starhill Arboretum, formalized their partnership with Illinois College
Sixth International Oak Society Conference Maricela Rodriguez-Coombes Conference planning update


Volume 13, No. 2, 2009

Title Author  Subject
Oak Wilt Rears Its Ugly Head Guy Sternberg Oak wilt disease found in Starhill Arboretum
New Pest Threatens California's Oaks Doug McCreary Gold-spotted oak borer has been killing thousands of oaks in San Diego County
Website Up and Running Béatrice Chassé New IOS website is published and ready to accept member contributions
Highlights from Recent SOD Symposium Doug McCreary Report on Sudden Oak Death Symposium held in Scott's Valley, California, in June 2009
Sixth International Oak Society Conference Abstracts and Registration   Call for abstracts for presentations for Puebla Conference and itineraries of Tours
Book Review: "The Oaks of Chevithorne Barton" Béatrice Chassé Book on Michael Heathcoat Amory's oak collection at Chevithorne Barton, United Kingdom


Volume 14, No. 1, 2010

Title Author  Subject
The Sixth Triennial Conference of the International Oak Society Allan Taylor Report on Puebla Conference and Tours
From the Editor Allan Taylor Request for member contributions to the newsletter; oak-related websites
Tour Committee On The Move!   Proposed schedule of events 2010-2011
2009 to 2012: Thoughts for the Future Béatrice Chassé Society news and plans
Quercus urbanii Trel. Béatrice Chassé Species spotlight on Quercus urbanii
Notice Notice Allan Taylor Option to request newsletter via email


Volume 14, No. 2, 2010

Title Author  Subject
The Oaks of l'Arboretum des Grandes Bruyères Brigitte de la Rochefoucauld The story behind the oak collection at Arboretum des Grandes Bruyères
My impressions of a visit to l'Arboretum des Grandes Bruyères… Béatrice Chassé A visit to Grandes Bruyères and advice from Brigitte de la Rochefoucauld
From the Editor Allan Taylor Various news items
in the Spotlight: Ryan Russell from Missouri, USA Béatrice Chassé Member Profile: Ryan Russell
The Advantage of Grafting Dirk Benoit Grafting Q. urbanii with scions collected on the Pre-Tour prior to Puebla Conference
News From Your IOS Board James Hitz Membership categories; two terms for President and Vice-President; future Conference venues
Some Oaks of SW Utah USA Allan Taylor An account of oak species and hybrids found in Utah
IOS Represented at UC Davis Oak Discovery Day Doug McCreary An IOS exhibit was presented at Oak Discovery Day at Shields Oak Grove, UC Davis, California
The UC Davis Oak Family Tree Mural Allan Taylor Mural at UC Davis depicts evolutionary relationship of 29 oak species in UC Davis collection
Oak Open Day at Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew Shaun Haddock OOD at Kew Gardens announced
Oak Open Days 2010 SW Iberian Peninsula Francisco M. Vázquez Pardo Itinerary for OOD in Spain and Portugal, October 28-31, 2010
Open Day in Belgium Charles Snyers Visit scheduled to oak collection of Daniel Dumont, September 4, 2010
Special Thanks Allan Taylor Thanks to retiring Board Members: Eike Jablonski, Doug McCreary, Dick Jensen, Ron Lance
News from the Tour Committee   Schedule of IOS events 2010-2011


Volume 15, No. 1, 2011

Title Author  Subject
Fagaceae at the Kruckeberg Botanic Garden Dirk Giseburt The oak collection at Kruckeberg Botanic Garden in Shoreline, Washington, USA
Plant Portrait: Quercus sadleriana R. Br. Ter. Deer Oak Allan Taylor Species Spotlight on Quercus sadleriana
In the Spotlight: Robert James Berry from Tiniroto, North Island, New Zealand Béatrice Chassé Member Profile: Bob Berry
The Hackfalls Catalogue Allen Coombes Catalogue of Hackfalls Arboretum published on 3 CDs
A Threatened Oak Species in West Texas, USA Janet Rizner Backs Quercus hinckleyi, a species under threat
A Tribute to Dick Van Hoey Smith Guy Sternberg A tribute to founding member of IOS and first recipient of IOS Lifetime Service Award, Dick Van Hoey Smith
2011 Tours   Schedule of 2011 tours and OODs: Chevithorne Barton, Wespelaar & Herkenrode, Northern Greece, Cape Cod.
Oak Open Days, Kew Royal Botanic Gardens, England, July 29, 2010 Eike Jablonski Report on OOD at Kew Gardens
Society News   Various news items
A Call for Member Help Ryan Russell Help requested for the Planting Oaks section of the website
The Book Shelf Allan Taylor A few reference works on oaks in English, plus websites
In Memoriam   George Ware, Dick Van Hoey Smith


Volume 15, No. 2, 2011

Title Author  Subject
Benny J. Simpson and Texas Oaks David Richardson Benny Jack Simpson, a pioneer of the native plant movement in Texas,
Oak Regeneration Across the Central Hardwood Region Zoe A. Hoyle Restoring upland oak ecosystems in the Central Hardwood Region
Habitat Diversity and Oaks on the South Florida Coast Dirk Giseburt Oak species in Natural Areas of Palm Beach County, Florida
Update--"Toomer's Oak" Poisoning at Auburn University, Alabama Lucky Pittman Status of an oak deliberately poisoned in Auburn University campus by a fan of cross-state rival University of Alabama
"Mr. Al" Moves to a New Address Coleen Perilloux Landry A 120 to 150-year-old live oak is moved to make way for road construction in Louisiana, USA
A new CCVS label for l'Arboretum des Grandes Bruyères Béatrice Chassé Arboretum des Grandes Bruyères receives National Collection label for its collection of oaks of temperate North America
Letter from IOS President to Members in Japan Béatrice Chassé Letter sent to 6 Japanese IOS members following the earthquake and tsunami of March 17, 2011
From the Editor: European Oak Borer in North America Allan Taylor European oak borer reported in Michigan, first time in USA
Correction   Quercus crassifolia at Kew Gardens planted 1840, not 1934 (correction to OOD report)
In Memoriam Allen Coombes Piers Trehane, IOS registrar for oak cultivars
In Memoriam Charles Snyers Hugues Vaucher, Swiss dendrologist
Call for Candidates for the IOS Board of Directors   Call for nominations for IOS Board
2011 Tours   Schedule of 2011 tours and OODs: Wespelaar & Herkenrode, Northern Greece, Cape Cod.
7th International Oak Society Conference 2012   Poster announcing the Bordeaux Conference


Volume 16, No. 1, 2012

Title Author  Subject
Greek Oak Open Days Allan Taylor Report on OOD in Greece, September 26 - October 2, 2011
In the Spotlight: Emily Griswold form Davis, California, USA Béatrice Chassé Member Profile: Emily Griswold
Blooming New Collections: Le Bois de Montauté (Nièvre, France) Béatrice Chassé Building an oak collection at Rudolf and Antoinette von Fürstenberg's arboretum in Nièvre, France
The Fibonacci Sequence Allan Taylor Link to site explaining the mathematics behind trees' efficient use of sunlight
Erratum   Quercus crassifolia at Kew Gardens planted 1840, not 1934 (correction to OOD report in Winter 2011 issue)
Oak Open Day in Belgium 2011 Charles Snyers Report of OOD at Arboretum Wespelaar and Herkerode, and the National Botanical Garden of Belgium
From the Editor Guy Sternberg Instructions for seed exchange to be held at Bordeaux Conference
Urban Oaks: University of California Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources Doug McCreary New book on the management of oaks in urban areas
News from the Board   Report on Board meeting held November 2011
New Book on Oak Paintings   New book features paintings of an oak tree by Stephen Taylor: Oak - One Tree, Three Years, Fifty Paintings
And now for some oak distractions and edifications…   Summary of useful oak-related websites


Volume 16, No. 2, 2012

Title Author  Subject
What's Next? Fire? Wind? Locusts? Béatrice Chassé Weather-related calamities of biblical proportions strike Arboretum des Pouyouleix
In the Spotlight: Gert Fortgens of Trompenburg Gardens and Arboretum, Rotterdam, Holland Béatrice Chassé Member Profile: Gert Fortgens
From the Editor: Bur oak   Poem by Jack Maze
Article Updates   Poisoned oak at Auburn University still alive; "Mr. Al" (Q. viriginiana) is doing fine following move
Congratulations, Shaun!   Arboretum de la Bergerette upgraded from "Collection Agréée" to "Collection Nationale" by CCVS


Volume 17, No. 1, 2013

Title Author  Subject
The Seventh International Oak Society Conference in Bordeaux, France   Summary report on Bordeaux Conference
Pre-Conference Tour: Paris to Bordeaux Roderick Cameron Report on Tour prior to Bordeaux Conference
Post-Conference Tour: Bordeaux and Back Allan Taylor Report on Tour following Bordeaux Conference
IOS Board for 2012-2015   New Board and Committees announced
The Seventh International Oak Society Conference: Pearls and Acorns Detailed report on Bordeaux Conference and field  trips
Species Spotlight: Quercus pubescens Thierry Lamant Species spotlight on Q. pubescens
2015 Conference Announcement Kunso Kim 2015 Conference to be held at The Morton Arboretum
What's New at www.internationaloaksociety.org Charles Snyers d'Attenhoven Update on new IOS website
Member Spotlight: Allan Taylor, Colorado, USA   Member Profile: Allan Taylor
A word from the new Editors of Oak News & Notes   ON&N Editors Ryan Russell and Roderick Cameron introduced
Council Oak Receives Historic Place Designation Ryan Russell Historic Oak: "Council Oak", live oak in Big City Island (Seminole settlement)


Volume 17, No. 2, 2013

Title Author  Subject
Why I Draw Oaks Keiko Tokunaga Botanic artist Keiko Tokunaga and her drawings of oaks
IOS Member Receives Prestigious Fulbright Scholarship Ryan Russell Dr. Andrew Hipp of The Morton Arboretum receives Fulbright Scholarship to continue work on oak phylogenetics
Stellenbosch City of Oaks Shaun Haddock Oaks in Stellenbosch, South Africa
Oak Open Days for 2013 Shaun Haddock OODs scheduled in Belgium (Dirk Benoit's Pavia Nurseries) and Aiken, South Carolina (Bob McCartney)
The Anchorena Alcornoque Roderick Cameron A giant cork oak growing in Uruguay
Durand's Oak of the Alabama and Mississippi Blackland Prairie Dudley Phelps Species Spotlight: Quercus sinuata var. sinuata
Member Spotlight: Peter Laharrague from Coronel Pringles, Argentina Roderick Cameron Member Profile: Peter Laharrague
An Odyssey with Oaks James Harris Mallet Court Nursery in the UK and the story of how it specialized in oaks
A Sunny Day in the UK Béatrice Chassé Hillier Gardens OOD report
From the Board Gert Fortgens News from the Board and Committees
Save Paper and Time by Renewing Early Online Emily Griswold Membership Director encourages members to renew online


Volume 18, No. 1, 2014

Title Author  Subject
Oak Creek Canyon, Arizona Darin Jenke and Stephanie Bittner Oak Creek Canyon in North Central Arizona is home to many different species of deciduous and evergreen oaks
Species Spotlight: An endangered oak - Quercus austrocochinchinensis Qian-sheng Li and Min Deng Species spotlight on Q. austrocochinchinensis
Oak Open Day - Belgium: Clonal Propagation of Oaks Charles Snyers Report of OOD at Pavia Nurseries, Belgium, hosted by Dirk Benoit
Did you know? Ryan Russell Oaks mentioned in the biblical Old Testament
From the Board Béatrice Chassé News from the Board and Editorial Committee
Oak Open Days - Aiken, South Carolina   Report of OOD at Aiken, North Carolina, hosted by Bob McCartney
Mating in Single Oaks Michael Avishai Exploring the reproduction of isolated oaks in Israel
Did you know?   Europe's tallest, oldest and thickest specimens of Q. robur
In Memoriam Guy Sternberg Richard Earle and Michel Decalut
CCSV13: In Search of Vietnam's Elusive Oaks Béatrice Chassé Account of an acorn-collecting trip in Vietnam
Changes in Oak Cultivar Registration   Cultivar Registration Form updated
Member Spotlight: Bob McCartney Ryan Russell Member Profile: Bob McCartney of Aiken, South Carolina
Did you know?   30,000 oaks were planted in Sweden in 1831 by King Carl Johan for ship building
Tour Committee Update Shaun Haddock Aiken OOD poorly attended; schedule of 2014 events 
Oaks in Shakespeare Roderick Cameron Survey of mentions of oaks in the works of Shakespeare


Volume 18, No. 2, 2014

Title Author  Subject
Mudding in Mississippi: Oak Open Days, June 27-29 Ryan Russell Report on OOD in Mississippi
A Visit to Plaček Quercetum Harriet Tupper An account of a visit with the IDS to Dušan Plaček's oak collection
Member Spotlight: Christine Battle Roderick Cameron Member Profile: Christine Battle
Species Spotlight: Quercus georgiana M.A. Curtis Ryan Russell Species Spotlight: Quercus georgiana M.A. Curtis
Did you know?   Quercus robur has the largest number of cultivars, including three recognized groups
Oak Open Days in Gloucestershire, UK , July 6-7, 2014 Béatrice Chassé Report on OOD at Congrove Arboretum, Leigh Delamere House and Westonbirt, UK's National Arboretum
The Oaks at Eastwoodhill Roderick Cameron The story of the oak collection a New Zealand's National Arboretum
We Need Your Help Charles Snyers Call for volunteers for the Website and Finance Committees
Did you know?   The oak species with the largest continuous range in North America is Q. macrocarpa
8th International Oak Society Conference, October 18-21, 2015 Details on program of the 8th Conference and associated Tours
From the Board Béatrice Chassé Upcoming Conference at the Morton, nominations for awards, volunteers for Website Committee
Miscellaneous   oaknames.org database has been updated; call for contributions to IOS publications


Volume 19, No. 1, 2015

Title Author  Subject
The Oaks of Anlaby: the Forgotten Oak Treasures of South Australia's Barossa Valley Charlie Buttigieg Notable collection of old oaks in Australia
Oak Red Listing Project Murphy Westwood The Morton Arboretum launches a project to complete threat assessments for all of the world's oak species for IUCN Red List.
Chasing Oaks in the Italian Bootheel Dirk Benoit Report on IOS Tour to Southern Italy
An Investigation of Rapid White Oak Mortality (RWOM) in Missouri Dr. Sharon Reed Account of a disease reported in Missouri in 2011 leading to death of white oaks
Oak Open Days at Trompenburg Arboretum Shaun Haddock Report on OOD at Trompenburg Arboretum, August 28 & 29, 2014
This Is Our 21st Year Diana Gardener Call for candidates for Board
The War Memorial Oak in Adelaide, Australia Roderick Cameron One of the first memorials to World War I is an oak planted in Adelaide, Australia
Species spotlight: Quercus rotundifolia Lam. Francisco Vázquez & Roderick Cameron Species spotlight: Quercus rotundifolia Lam.
Unraveling the Mystery of Quercus ×introgressa P.M. Thomson Ryan Russell Hunting down an unusual hybrid: Q. muehlenbergii × prinoides × bicolor
Book Review Allan Taylor The Bur Oak Manifesto: Seeking Nature and Planting Trees in the Great Plains by Jack Phillips
Book Review Ryan Russell Hillier: The Plants, the People, the Passion by Jean Hillier
Vegetative Propagation of Oaks in Iturraran Francisco Garin & José Almandoz Reproducing oaks by rooting cuttings in Jardín Botánico de Iturraran
Quercus rysophylla article   Allen Coombes is preparing an article on Q. rysophylla for International Dendrology Society
Quercus georgiana M.A. Curtis Conservation Genetics Project Murphy Westwood Project to research geographic distribution and genetic diversity of Q. georgiana and ensure as gene pool is captured in collections
Utilizing Urban Timber   Finding a use for wood from felled urban trees
Did you know?   Oldest oaks in Europe and North America
8th Triennial Conference of the IOS at The Morton Arboretum in Lisle, Illinois Conference Registration opens March 16th
European Tree of the Year   A 150-year-old Q. robur growing in a soccer field in Estonia elected European Tree of the Year


Volume 19, No. 2, 2015

Title Author  Subject
8th Triennial Conference of the International Oak Society   Conference Program update
Project Acorn Roderick Cameron A project to restore scrub oak habitat in central Florida by planting seedlings of native oaks
Oaks in Australia Bill Funk IOS member Bill Funk's oak collection at Mereweather Arboretum in Victoria, Australia
Did you know?   The word for "oak" in several languages
Truffle-oaks in Argentina Roderick Cameron Oaks are planted in Argentina for the cultivation of black truffles
Species Spotlight: Quercus nigra L. Ryan Russell Species Spotlight: Quercus nigra L.
Did you know?   Oak-related origin of the name Albuquerque
Oak Artist Spotlight Ryan Russell Photographer Kyle Spradley's portraits of the McBaine Bur Oak near Columbia, Missouri
UK Oak Open Days 2015 Shaun Haddock OOD in IOS members Lloyd and Sally Kenyon's Gredington and Ness Botanic Gardens
Historic Oak Spotlight - A Witness to a Bloody Scene Ryan Russell A Q. alba at Devil's Den, Gettysburg, witness to the bloodiest battle fought on American soil
From the Board Charles Snyers Call for volunteers for Website Committee; location of next Conference to be announced at the Morton
Garry Oak Project Laura Renninger Newly founded society in Oak Harbor, Washington committed to stewardship of Garry oak tree through outreach, education and preservation.
Oaks at Armstrong Atlantic State University Arboretum Roderick Cameron The oak collection at Armstrong State Atlantic University Arboretum, planted by Philip Schretter
Taxonomy Note Ryan Russell Name changes regarding Q. acutifolia, Q. grahamii and Q. conspersa


Volume 20, No. 1, 2016

Title Author  Subject
IOS Returns to the Morton for 8th Conference Rebecca Dellinger-Johnston Report on 8th IOS Conference
Touring Illinois with the IOS Warren Chatwin Pre-Conference Tour report
Into Indiana with Jim Hitz Alana McKean Post-Conference Tour report
2015 IOS Service Awards   List of recipients of IOS Awards presented at Gala Dinner at The Morton Arboretum
Silent Auction at the Morton Ryan Russell Donated items auctioned during the 8th Conference to raise funds for scholarship to attend the 2018 Conference
Unraveling the Mystery of Quercus ×introgressa - Part 2 Ryan Russell Further news on the quest for an unusual hybrid (Q. muehlenbergii × prinoides × bicolor)
Plant Collecting Collaborative Expedition to the Southeastern United States Matt Lobdell Plant Collection Collaborative seed collection expedition the Southeastern United States to collect as many Quercus taxa as possible, particularly focusing on species of conservation concern.
Oak Red Listing Project Update Emily Brockman & Murphy Westwood Latest news form the Oak Red Listing Project at The Morton Arboretum
Species Spotlight: Q. crassifolia Bonpl. Roderick Cameron Species Spotlight: Q. crassifolia Bonpl.
Hybrid Highlight: Q. ×warei Warren Chatwin Hybrid Highlight: Quercus ×warei T.L. Green & W.J. Hess
Acorns - Eat Some, Plant Some Mimi Brown Acorn-based food producer Mighty Wild helps restore Blanco River after devastating floods in Wimberley, Texas
From the Board Charles Snyers New membership types and fees
From Our New Board Member Robert Routon New Membership Director introduces himself
2016 Tours and OODs Shaun Haddock OODs planned in Southwestern USA, Argentina, Atherstone and Thenford House in UK; plans for Ireland in 2017


Volume 20, No. 2, 2016

Title Author  Subject
UK Oak Open Days: Gooder and Thenford Christof Van Hulle OOD at David Gooder's Heanley Farm & Halloughton Field, and at Lord Michael Heseltine's Thenford House
Quercus Quest - My Ongoing Journey With Louisiana Live Oaks William Guion Photographer William Guion's portraits of live oaks in Louisiana
Oaks from Test Tubes: An Introduction to Oak Micropropagation Bryan R. Denig, Miles Schwartz Sax & Nina L. Bassuk Micropropagation of oaks at Urban Horticulture Institute at Cornell University
Oak Open Days in Argentina Roderick Cameron OODs at Grigadale Arboretum and Estancia San Miguel in Argentina
Aiken Revisited Ryan Russell New developments at Aiken Citywide Arboretum
Species Spotlight: Quercus ilicifolia Wangenh. Rebecca Dellinger-Johnston Species Spotlight: Quercus ilicifolia Wangenh.
Hybrid Highlight: Q. ×heterophylla F. Michx. Ryan Russell Hybrid Highlight: Q. ×heterophylla F. Michx.
Cultivar Close-ups: Q. robur 'Timuki' & Q. ×bebbiana 'Taco' Ryan Russell Cultivar Close-ups: Q. robur 'Timuki' & Q. ×bebbiana 'Taco'
A Year of Oak Leaves Editorial Staff The Oak Year, an exhibition by Scottish artist Anne Gilchrist, showing in Edinburgh
Oaks of the Americas Conservation Network Murphy Westwood New professional network formed by botanists and conservations from across North and Central America
Saying Goodbye to Michael Heathcoat Amory Shaun Haddock Memorial held in London for oak collector Michael Heathcoat Amory
From the Board Charles Snyers Robert Routon resigned as Membership Director; new committee members; financial report approved;
Tours Update Shaun Haddock UK OODs well attended; space available on New Mexico Tour 


Volume 21, No. 1, 2017

Title Author  Subject
Michael Meléndrez's Oak Open Days in New Mexico Ryan Russell Tour report: 6-day trip in New Mexico
The Hills Are Alive with Oaks Rebecca Dellinger-Johnston Copenhagen Hills Reserve, Louisiana
Hybridization in Quercus (as Seen through the Eyes of an Enthusiast) Jeroen Braakman Review of some oak hybrids
Historic Oak: The Sacred Oak of Oley Plummer Dunkle A historic Q. muehlenbergii in Oley Valley, Pennsylvania, sacred to the Lenni Lenape tribe
Society of Municipal Arborists Tree of the Year: 2017 Ryan Russell Quercus montana, chestnut oak
A Neophyte Revisits the Florida Oaks Dirk Giseburt Revisiting oak habitats on South Florida coast
Book Review: Hackfalls Arboretum, Catalogue of Plant Collection Roderick Cameron Book review of Bob Berry's book
Oak Conservations Efforts in Latin America Audrey Denvir Multiple projects aimed at filling knowledge gaps and conserving threatened oaks in Mexico and Central America
New Gap Analyses of Ex-Situ Collections In-Situ Needs for US Oak Species Emily Beckman Morton Arboretum plans to more holistic analysis of oak collections' conservation value
Tours Update Shaun Haddock OODs in Czech Republic and Starhill Arboretum, Illinois to celebrate 25th anniversary of IOS; Irish Tour planned.
The Michael Heathcoat Amory Award: Call for Applications Editorial Staff IOS invites individuals to submit applications for MHA Award
From the Board Charles Snyers MHA Award announced; OODs to celebration IOS 25th; membership renewal.
IOS Survey Results The Board Results of IOS mini-survey on Conference venues and Tour destinations


Volume 21, No. 2, 2017

Title Author  Subject
Oak Open Days in Czech Republic Celebrate IOS 25th Anniversary Shaun Haddock OOD at Dušan Plaček’s Quercetum near Podĕbrady in the Czech Republic
9th International Oak Society Conference - October 22-24, 2018 Emily Griswold 9th Triennial IOS Conference to be held at UC Davis, California, U.S.
Donations Sought of Silent Auction Ryan Russell Call for donations for silent auction to be held at 9th IOS Conference
Harriet Blum's Live Oaks Roderick Cameron Photographer Harriet Blum's portraits of live oaks in the U.S. South
Frost Damage in Aiken Ryan Russell Some oaks in Aiken Citywide Arboretum damaged by late frost on March 15, 2017
First Time Ex-Situ Reproduction of Quercus insignis Roderick Cameron Seedlings sprouted from first Q. insignis acorns in New Zealand
Cultivar Close-up: Hi-Yo Silver! Roderick Cameron Silver-themed oak cultivars
Species Spotlight: Q. argentata Korth. Joeri Strijk Species Spotlight: Q. argentata Korth.
An International Accreditation Program for Arboreta Roderick Cameron ArbNet: an interactive community of arboreta
Book Review: Ancient Oaks in the English Landscape Roderick Cameron Review of book by Aljos Farjon
Earl Cully (1927-2017) Guy Sternberg Obituary of IOS member and plantsman from Illinois
IOS Service Awards - Call for Nominations Editorial Staff Nominees sought for IOS Service Awards
Michael Heathcoat Amory Award to Help Fund Quercus arbutifolia Micropropagation Project Roderick Cameron MHA Award granted to Dr. Qiansheng Li


Volume 22, No. 1, 2018

Title Author  Subject
IOS 25th Birthday Fêted at Starhill Forest Arboretum Charles Snyers OOD at Starhill Forest, Sep 2, 2017
9th International Oak Society Conference Update Emily Griswold Further detail on IOS Conference to be held in UC Davis and attendant Tours
Species Spotlight: Quercus semecarpifolia Sm. Meenakshi Negi and Ranbeer S. Rawal A Himalayan oak under threat
Cultivar Close-Up: Thread and Lace Ryan Russell Quercus petraea 'Laciniata Crispa' and Q. alba 'Gatton Grave'
Starting an Oak Collection in Porto Botanical Garden, Portugal Carlos Vila-Viçosa, Joana Tinoco, and Paulo Farinha Marques A new collection featuring native and exotic oaks
The Barva Oak Francisco Garín An undescribed species or forum found in Costa Rica?
Trees and Shrubs Online Project Shaun Haddock W.J. Bean´s classic and New Trees go online and need support
OACN’s 2017 Year in Review Audrey Denvir Report on Oaks of the Americas Conservation Network's activitis in 2017
A Forum for Garden-Sourced Oak Seed? Shaun Haddock Proposal for exchange of seed collected in private collections
Barking up the Right Trees Gert Fortgens Some observations of overgrowing wounds of Quercus ‘Maya’ and Q. agrifolia in Trompenburg Gardens
Stretching the Rules Shaun Haddock Quercus saltillensis stretches its limbs - and do oak catkins attract bees?
From the Board Charles Snyers Membership renewal reminder; Board Members to be confirmed at Conference


Volume 22, No. 2, 2018

Title Author  Subject
New Champions in New Mexico Ryan Russell State Champion oaks found during the IOS Tours to New Mexico in 2016 and 2017
The Israel Oak Registry Ezra Barnea A new project to identify, measure, and register the location of all oak trees in Israel
Bob Berry (1916 – 2018) Roderick Cameron Obituary of IOS member and oak collector from New Zealand
Action Oak Shaun Haddock Partnership launched in UK to protect oaks for future generations
Quercus wislizeni with Golden Yellow Pubescence Observed in Palomar Mountain State Park, California Dirk Giseburt Description of unusual oak with golden trichomes
9th International Oak Society Conference Update Emily Griswold Further detail on IOS Conference to be held in UC Davis and attendant Tours
Species Spotlight: Quercus rugosa Née Roderick Cameron The oak species with the widest distribution in Mexico
The Himalayan Oak Trust Editorial Staff Planting Himalayan oaks in New Zealand to help reforest degraded habitat in India
Acorn Time Approaches Shaun Haddock Seed exchange and other oak-related observations
From the Board Charles Snyers Election of new Board Members


Volume 23, No. 1, 2019

Title Author  Subject
Davis Delivers Outstanding Conference Roderick Cameron Report on the 9th IOS Conference at UC Davis
Pre-Conference Day Trips Ron Lance, Christina Carrero & Emily Beckman, Lloyd Kenyon Reports on three day trips during IOS Conference
Another Successful Silent Auction at Davis Ryan Russell Silent Auction held at IOS Conference
Pre-Conference Tour #1 Dirk Giseburt Report of Tour to Sierra Nevada
Pre-Conference Tour #2 Mark Krautmann Report of Tour to California's North Coast
Post-Conference Tour #1: San Francisco Bay Area Roderick Cameron Report of Tour to San Francisco Bay Area
Post-Conference Tour #2 Charles Snyers Report of Tour to California´s Central Coast
Dr. Michael Avishai (1935-2018) Ori Fragman-Sapir Obituary of IOS member from Israel
Scouring Arizona for Quercus ajoensis and Q. toumeyi Editorial Staff Search for two rare oaks by The Huntington Botanical Garden and the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum
Species Spotlight: Quercus douglasii Hook. & Arn. Zarah Wyly Blue oak, an endemic California oak
Hybrid Highlight: Quercus ×morehus Kellogg Ryan Russell Oracle oaks (Q. kelloggii × Q. wislizeni) 
The Quercetum at Mallet Court: One Year On James Harris Update on new plantings of oaks
Tour Update: UK Oak Open Days 2019 Shaun Haddock OOD planned in the UK: Thorp Perrow and Yorkshire Arboretum
2018 IOS Service Awards      - Four Special Service Awards and one Lifetime Service Award presented at the IOS Conference
From the Board Roderick Cameron New Board elected at UC Davis
From the President: Reflections on the Atlantic Shaun Haddock Regarding the USA-rest of the world balance in the IOS
The IOS Research & Conservation Committee    - New Committee established in response to IOS members'  mandate to have the Society be more proactive in oak conservation


Volume 23, No. 2, 2019

Title Author  Subject
European Oak Open Days 2019 Shaun Haddock Report on OOD at Thorp Perrow and Yorkshire Arobretum
Conservation Gap Analysis of Native U.S. Oaks  Emily Beckman Report published by The Morton Arboretum
Book Review: Eating Acorns to Save the World Roderick Cameron Book by Marcie Mayer 
Species Spotlight: Quercus look Kotschy Ori Fragman-Sapir One of the least-known oaks of the arid mountains of the Middle East
Cultivar Close-Up: Mighty Miniatures Ryan Russell Two dwarf oaks: Quercus palustris 'Swamp Pygmy' and Q. ilex 'Ditha Jung'
Historic Oak: Sutter’s Fort’s Sessile Oak Roderick Cameron An oak planted to commemorate the foundation of the city of Sacramento
Oaks in Two Parks of the Northern Great Plains Dirk Giseburt Oaks in the Prairie Arboretum in Freeman, in southeast South Dakota, and the Assiniboine Forest, in Winnipeg, Manitoba
Potential Applications of Acorns in the Food, Pharmaceutical, and Cosmetic Industries Paweł Górnaś Acorns have a high potential for the processing industry
Saving the Keirunga Oaks Roderick Cameron Community effort in the town of Havelock North in New Zealand’s Hawke’s Bay saved dozens of 80-year-old oaks
Hybrid Oaks Under Evaluation Editorial Staff Nina Bassuk and her grad students at the Cornell Urban Horticulture Institute have been developing hybrid oaks
New Zealand Oak Open Days 2020    - OOD announced, visits to Eastwoodhill and Hackfalls
From the Board Shaun Haddock Financial report, OC&R Fund, Taiwan Conference Committee

Volume 24, No. 1, 2020

Title Author  Subject
In Search of an Endangered Species: Quercus acerifolia Ryan Russell Project to grow a grove of maple-leaf oaks
Hayrettin Karaca (1922-2020)  Roderick Cameron Obituary of IOS member and environmentalist from Turkey
Species Spotlight:
Quercus tarokoensis Hayata
Joeri Strijk Endemic Taiwanese oak
A Global Conservation Consortium for Oak Amy Byrne A network of institutions and experts to implement a comprehensive conservation strategy that prevents the extinction of the world’s oak species
Cultivar Close-Up: Quercus ‘Maya’ and ‘Zehra’ Ryan Russell Hybrid selections that feature Q. rysophylla as one parent
Reviewers Sought for Red List of Asian Oaks Editorial Staff Oak Red Listing Project Update 
Book Review:
The Bench Grafter’s Handbook
Gert Fortgens New book on grafting techniques by Brian E. Humphrey
Oak Conservation & Research Fund Update     - OC&R Fund news
Burr Oak Canyon Symposium 2019 Dan Kostka  Two-day conference and field trip in McCook, Nebraska: “Growing Better Trees Across the Great Plains”
Researchers Map the Evolutionary History of Oaks Editorial Staff New study provides the most detailed account to date of the evolution of oaks
Tour Updates    - OODs in New Zealand and UK; Israel Tour
From the Board Shaun Haddock Journal articles in Google Scholar, Proceedings budgeting, 2021 Conference dates

Volume 24, No. 2, 2020

Title Author  Subject
Bătrânul Carpaților: the Old Man of the Carpathians Roderick Cameron A 900-year-old oak in central Romania
The White Oak in Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria Tim Entwisle One of the largest oaks at Melbourne’s Royal Botanic Gardens has fallen
Ascent of the Oaks Editorial Staff Scientific American article: advances in genomics have allowed researchers to reconstruct the evolutionary history of oaks
Gardens & Arboreta:
Bayard Cutting Arboretum
Kevin Wiecks 691-acre arboretum in Great River, New York, USA, with a collection of native and non-native oaks
Cultivar Close-Up: 
Bokrijk Cultivars
Editorial Staff Six oak cultivars originally described by Jef Van Meulder in the Belgian Dendrology Society’s Bulletin
GCCO Newsletter Published Amy Byrne Global Conservation Consortium for Oak publishes first quarterly newsletter
Species Spotlight:
Quercus stenophylloides Hayata
Joeri Strijk Endemic Taiwanese oak
Book Review:
The Oak Papers
Roderick Cameron An homage to the oak tree and the important role it plays today, in our landscape and in our lives
IOS Service Awards - Call for Nominations     - Nominees sought for IOS Service Awards
Oak Artists: Illustrated Oaks of the World David More Preview of a work-in-progress that will illustrate Quercus species and cultivars
From the Board Shaun Haddock Finance Report approved, Oak Conservation and Research Fund update, 2021 Conference to be confirmed, IOS Events postponed

Volume 25, No. 1, 2021

Title Author  Subject
Keeping Tabs on Quercus boyntonii Patrick Thompson  Conservation work focused on Alabama sandstone oak

Book Review:Keiko Tokunaga Illustrates Fagaceae

Shaun Haddock Keiko's latest book, a visual feast that includes illustrations of 127 Fagaceae and 5 Nothofagus species.

Cultivar Close-Up: 
Quercus ‘New Madrid’: Sorting Out the Confusion

Ryan Russell Disentangles the muddle that has arisen around the cultivar name published as Quercus texana 'New Madrid'
Two Oaks in the Running for European Tree of the Year 2021 Roderick Cameron Historic oaks are in the last round of the 11th edition of this popular arboreal competition
Emory Oak Collaborative Tribal Restoration Initiative Nanebah Lyndon, Vincent Randall, and Sara Souther Restoration project focused on Quercus emoryii, an oak species that is critically important to Western Apache Tribes
Conversations with Conservationists Editorial Staff Murphy Westwood and Silvia Alvarez-Clare talked to Matt Candeias about oak conservation and saving Quercus brandegeei
Oak-Themed Platinum Proof Coins

Editorial Staff

A new five-year series of US Mint coins is based on the lifecycle of the oak
A Propagation Manual for Quercus—in Spanish Roderick Cameron A new publication provides an introduction to oaks with practical information on how to grow them
Oak-Focused Seminars Available Online Editorial Staff Murphy Westwood and Tim Boland, members of the IOS's Oak Conservation and Research Committee, presented seminars on oak diversity and conservation
Iberian Holm Oak Jumps the Gun in Portugal Philip Perry Reports from Baixo Alentejo on unusual phenology in Quercus rotundifolia
Oak Conservation and Research Committee Announces First Round of Grant Funding Tim Boland The IOS's Oak Conservation and Research Fund has awarded grants to three projects
Request to IOS Members to Participate in Oak Research Project


Alex Kirsch, a master's candidate at Minnesota State University, Mankato, is conducting a study on ecological specialization in oaks
IDS Tour Features Oak Collections


The International Dendrology Society is organizing a  Tour of South West France and Northern Spain, Sep 29-Oct 4, 2021
From the Board

Shaun Haddock

Taiwan Conference postponed; privacy policy posted on website; budget update

Volume 25, No. 2, 2021

Title Author  Subject
The Oak Collection of Seattle’s Washington Park Arboretum Dirk Giseburt Dirk Giseburt talked to Ray Larson about the history and future of the oak collection at WPA
An Analysis of Oak Habitats in Arkansas Aims to Aid Conservation Efforts Editorial Staff In a presentation hosted by the Arkansas Native Plant Society, Dr. Suresh Subedi presented an ongoing project that analyzes herbarium specimens of oaks collected in Arkansas, USA.

Oaks: The Key to Sustainable Landscaping

Douglas Tallamy A guest article by renowned author Douglas Tallamy serves as a teaser for his latest book, The Nature of Oaks
United by a Logo Allen Coombes The tale of how the IOS logo was created and how it has evolved over the years
The Morton Arboretum and the U.S. Botanic Garden Partner to Protect Threatened Trees Editorial Staff A new partnership to advance the conservation of threatened trees in the United States
The Status of Quercus oblongata Allen Coombes and Roderick Cameron An attempt to settle the matter of this controversial name
Death by Defoliation: How an Invasive Caterpillar Kills Oaks—and How Some Survive

Editorial Staff

A new study sheds light on why some oaks survived a recent multi-year outbreak of an invasive moth.
ArbNet 10th Anniversary Virtual Conference: Partnering to Plant and Protect Trees Amy Byrne The interactive community of arboreta celebrates its 10th anniversary with a virtual conference on September 14–16.

From the Board

Shaun Haddock Financial report; Taiwan Conference plans; Oak Names Checklist project; volunteers requested to organize online events

Volume 26, No. 1, 2022

Title Author  Subject
The Genesee Valley Oaks Brian Kelley A guest article by Brian Kelley of Gathering Growth Foundation tells the story of the giant Quercus alba near Geneseo, New York, USA.
The Badnjak: Burning Oaks in a Traditional Orthodox Christian Ceremony Nikola Šušić An oak-focused Christmas tradition popular in Serbia
Species Spotlight: Quercus leucotrichophora A. Camus Meenakshi Negi An evergreen oak found in the western Himalayas, and insights about methods to improve natural germination
Frère Sennen's Names Patrick Vereecke An overview of the work of Frère Sennen, a French botanist who studied the oaks of Iberia and Morocco
Oak Artists: Oaks on the Rocks Roderick Cameron An installation by Andy Goldsworthy at the Museum of Jewish Heritage in New York
Aiken’s Oaks Are Growing Bob McCartney Latest additions to the oak collection in Aiken's Citywide Arboretum
Quercus Quest!

Editorial Staff

The USA National Phenology Network is launching the Quercus Quest Campaign to track flower and leaf phenology of oak trees across the eastern U.S. this year
Paco Garin's Facebook Posts of Iturraran's Oaks Ezra Barnea Ezra Barnea has cataloged and linked Paco's Facebook posts illustrating the Quercus collection at the Iturraran Botanical Garden.
10th International Oak Society Conference Editorial Staff Conference in Las Cruces, New Mexico, USA announced
From the Board

Shaun Haddock

Conference location changed; new Board candidates: Amy Byrne and Phil Douglas

Volume 26, No. 2, 2022

Title Author  Subject
Back from the Brink: Quercus tardifolia found in Big Bend National Park Editorial Staff A team of botanical researchers found a lone specimen of a species thought to be extinct

Species Spotlight: Quercus tonduzii Seemen

Francisco Garin A rare Central American species found only on a volcano in Costa Rica
Importing Endangered Engelmann Oaks into Australia Jo Brennan Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria Melbourne Gardens imported Quercus engelmannii acorns from California
Scouting for Quercus welshii Cindy Newlander A trip to find populations of an endangered oak in northern Arizona and southern Utah
Farewell to a Champ Roderick Cameron The National Champion Quercus grisea (gray oak) succumbed to the Foster Fire earlier this year.
OC&R Fund Announces Second Round of Funding Grants Tim Boland The IOS Oak Conservation and Research Fund is planning a second round of grants
New Board Candidates

Roderick Cameron

Amy Byrne and Phil Douglas will stand for election to the IOS Board for the 2022–2025 term
From the Board

Shaun Haddock

Conference finances; Financial Report; Conference venue for 2025

Volume 27, No. 1, 2023

Title Author  Subject
OC&R Committee Announces Second Round of Grant Funding Amy Byrne The IOS Oak Conservation and Research Fund launches second round of grants
The Burke Oak Collection at The New York Botanical Garden Todd Forrest Recent improvements to the collection of oaks at NYBG
First Community Festival of Conservation of Quercus brandegeei Daniel Pérez Morales A festival in Mexico raises awareness about a threatened oak
Oak Artists - Richard Geraint Evans: GPS TreesTM Roderick Cameron An interview with a British artist whose recent work features oaks
Conversations with Conservationists - Finding His Roots: Michael Eason’s Journey in Conservation Amy Byrne An interview with the Associate Director of Conservation and Collections at San Antonio Botanical Garden, Texas
Hybrid Highlight - Quercus ×jackiana C.K. Schneid. Ryan Russell The well-known hybrid of Q. alba and Q. bicolor discovered by John George Jack in 1894
Another New Species of Oak From Vietnam Editorial Staff Quercus mangdenensis H.T. Bing & Ngoc was published in Phytokeys in December 2022
Book Review - William Guion’s Latest Book Editorial Staff Return to Heartwood includes stories and portraits of Louisiana’s oldest live oak trees
In Memoriam: Allan Taylor (1931–2022)  Panayoti Kelaidis A moving tribute to a long-standing member of the IOS
Species Spolight - Quercus macdougallii Martínez  Nelly Pacheco Cruz A rare oak, endemic to the Sierra Juárez mountains of Oaxaca
Saving Quercus frainetto Roderick Cameron News of a proposal to conserve the name Quercus frainetto, which would otherwise be replaced by Q. conferta
From the Board Roderick Cameron Bylaws amended; Board's goal to increase membership numbers; Development and Outreach Committee created
Tours Update     - Tour of Oregon and Oak Open Days in Wales

Volume 27, No. 2, 2023

Title Author  Subject
UK Oak Open Days at Penrice Castle and Glanusk Estate Roderick Cameron The first OODs since 2019 were held in the UK, with visits to two outstanding oak collections in Southern Wales
Conservation of Fagaceae Forests of Southeastern Taiwan: An Update Yi-Shan Tsai  Encouraging developments in the campaign to conserve Fagaceae forests in Taiwan, which has been supported by letters from the IOS to the President and Premier of Taiwan
An Oak Study Day Through the Eyes of a Woodturner Chris West An IDS/IOS Study Day held at Chevithorne Barton on July 21, 2023
The World’s Northernmost Oak? Gerhard Sørensen-Fuglem and Cecilia Piccirilli Bjerkeset An oak found beyond the Arctic Circle in Norway
Not Another Oak Calamity… Eric Boa and Liliana Franco-Lara  A new oak disease appears to be affecting Quercus humboldtii in Colombia
The Royal Oaks of Penrice Castle, Wales Steve Potter The identity of oaks planted by members of the Royal Family at Penrice Castle
Proposal to Conserve Quercus pacifica Nixon & C.H. Mull.  Alan Whittemore  Article published in April 2023 issue of TAXON
Quercus ×hispanica Makes a Comeback  Roderick Cameron The hybrid between Q. cerris and Q. suber will once again be called Q. ×hispanica
OC&R Fund To Expand Its Reach  Tim Boland New fund-raising campaign launched
Tours Update     - Tour of Oregon and Texas Oak Open Days 
From the Board Roderick Cameron Board members attended conservation Symposium in Taiwan; Mission and Goals revised; Finance Report; 2025 Conference dates announced
IOS Service Awards - Call for Nominations     - Nominees sought for IOS Service Awards

Volume 28, No. 1, 2024

Title Author  Subject
Trials and Tribulations of Quercus marlipoensis Editorial Staff New study has analyzed the germination characteristics of the Critically Endangered oak Quercus marlipoensis and evaluated the impact these might have on conservation efforts to save this oak from extinction
A New Book on Trompenburg Tuinen & Arboretum Gert Fortgens Gert's 31 years of involvement with Arboretum Trompenburg in Rotterdam, The Netherlands
New Species of Gall Wasp Described on Quercus grahamii Editorial Staff A new species of oak gall wasp has been described in Mexico—and it has been named in honor of IOS member Allen Coombes
Seeking Quercus austrina for Conservation Alexandra Faidiga A team from Holden Forests & Gardens traveled to several states in the Southeastern US to collect bluff oak acorns
Evolution and Classification of Section Cerris Oaks Editorial Staff A recent study by Thomas Denk and colleagues explores the evolutionary and biogeographical history of the oak species in section Cerris
Propagation Protocol for Quercus insignis Karina Orozco The Global Conservation Consortium for Oak published in October 2023 a protocol (in Spanish) for the propagation of Quercus insignis
Tours and Events Update      - Oak Open Days in France and UK; Tours of California, Carolinas, and Taiwan
Action Oak’s Partner Event 2024 Annabel Narayanan Members of the IOS are warmly invited to join Action Oak's Annual Partner Event at Cathays Park in Cardiff, UK on Thursday, May 9, 2024
From the Board Roderick Cameron New Institutional Membership levels; Linnean Society joins IOS; Conference Committee at work; Taxonomy and Nomenclature Committee preparing Oak Names Checklist website update
IOS Service Awards - Call for Nominations     - Nominees sought for IOS Service Awards