Arboretum des Pouyouleix in Arnoldia

An article by Béatrice Chassé about Arboretum des Pouyouleix was recently published in the journal Arnoldia

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An Ordinary But Very Special Quercus macrocarpa in Paris

Gert Fortgens came across an old postcard of a Parisian Quercus macrocarpa in the Trompenburg Gardens archives...

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Quercus ×hispanica Lam.

A naturally occurring hybrid that is anything but Hispanic
Photo © Michel Timacheff

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The Michael Heathcoat Amory Award: Call for Applications

The International Oak Society invites individuals with research projects contributing to advancing our knowledge about, or appreciation of, oaks or their conservation to submit applications for the Michael Heathcoat Amory Award.

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Hybridization in Quercus (as Seen through the Eyes of an Enthusiast)

Jeroen Braakman shares his fascination with Quercus hybrids

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A Neophyte Revisits the Florida Oaks

Dirk Giseburt returns to the South Florida coast to check up on oaks he had seen six years ago

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