Imagine having to climb through this...

Shaun Haddock writes of the role of Quercus baloot in the First Afghan War and his adventures collecting the seed of this rare Himalayan oak. 

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Oh, live then, my Oak! tow'r aloft from the weeds

The oak Byron planted at Newstead Abbey - and the poem it inspired.

Photo: Nottingham City Council and www.picturethepast.org.uk

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Quercus ‘Tromp Deerpon’, an Extraordinary Hybrid

A hybrid selected at Trompenburg Arboretum has parents that are oceans apart, yet closely related.

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Irish Oaks

Gert Fortgens shares photos of Irish gardens scheduled for a 2017 Oak Open Days.

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The 8th International Oak Society Conference

Twenty-one years after its first meeting, the IOS returns to The Morton Arboretum for its 8th Triennial Conference.
Photo: G. Sternberg

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