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The oak tree in Skjomendalen © Gerhard Sørensen-Fuglem and Cecilia Piccirilli Bjerkeset
An oak grows north of the Arctic Circle in Norway
Website Editor | Aug 14, 2023
Unusual symptoms linked to phytoplasma infection in Quercus humboldtiii, Colombia © Eric Boa
Symptoms linked to phytoplasma infection found in Quercus...
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Different names are being used for one species.
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Plant Focus

A small but mature Alabama sandstone oak producing acorns © Patrick Thompson
A Critically Endangered dwarf oak 

Three New Oak Hybrids from Southwest Iberia (Spain and Portugal)

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Francisco M. Vázquez Pardo, Enrique Sánchez Gullón, Carlos Pinto-Gomes, Miguel Angel Pineda, David García Alonso, Francisco Marquez García, María José Guerra Barrena, José Blanco Salas, and Carlos Villaviçosa

Published May 2015 in International Oaks No. 26: 43–56.


The study of oak diversity in the Southern Iberian Peninsula resulted in the nomenclatural revision of following nothotaxa: Quercus ×beturica (F.M. Vázquez, Coombes, Rodr.- Coombes, Ramos & Doncel) F.M. Vázquez, C. Villaviçosa, C. Meireles & C. Pinto-Gomes stat. nov.; Q. ×numantina Ceb. & C. Vicioso nothosubsp. discreta F.M. Vázquez nom. nov., and Q. ×tentudaica (F.M. Vázquez) F.M. Vázquez stat. nov. Also, three new nothospecies are described: Q. ×ordenensis F.M. Vázquez, García Alonso & Márquez nothosp. nov. (sterile and rare shrub), Q. ×alentejana Pinto-Gomes & F.M. Vázquez nothosp. nov. (fertile and frequent Lusitanian tree), and Q. ×pastorae M.A. Pineda, F.M. Vázquez & Sánchez Gullón nothsp. nov. (fertile and rare tree).


Quercus, Fagaceae, nothotaxa, Iberian Peninsula, taxonomy, nomenclatural review


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