Swamp Chestnut Oak Growing in Brussels, Belgium


In October 2006, I traveled from Petersburg, IL to Dallas, TX with Guy Sternberg and a few other members of the Society to attend the 2006 IOS Conference.  On our way, I collected a few acorns of Quercus michauxii in East Prairie, MO. In March 2010, I gave two seedlings of that collection to the Public Park Service of Brussels (I mean Brussels in Belgium; not the much smaller Brussels in Illinois).  And here is one of the seedlings growing in a small public park, le Parc de l'Abbé Froidure. It is unusal for an oak from a continental climate to do so well in a maritime climate. The tree seems to like its urban environment. And it was recorded today in the inventory of Belgian Trees.

Quercus michauxii
Quercus michauxii, 7th September 2016, Parc de l'Abbé Froidure, Brussels (photo Philippe de Spoelberch)