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Quercus stenophylloides is a medium-sized evergreen oak (15–18 m tall) restricted to central and northern Taiwan.

Reforestation of the Sharon with Quercus ithaburensis

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Ezra Barnea

Published May 2019 in International Oaks No. 30: 145–152


In the past, the Sharon (Israel) was partially covered with Quercus ithaburensis (Mount Tabor oak) forest (Eig 1933). At three different times, most of this forest was cut down and much of it has practically disappeared. The common explanation is that this forest was destroyed during the Ottoman period. By the 1920s the region was left practically bare with no trees. Today, most of the region has no Q. ithaburensis except for in the Karkur Forest and rare relics of trees scattered in limited locations. Some of these remaining trees are threatened by urbanization and farming, while other forms of anthropic pressure coupled with low natural reproduction represent additional negative impacts.


Israel Oak Registry, reforestation, Quercus ithaburensis, Mount Tabor oak


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