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Plant Focus

Quercus texana New Madrid acorn
Disentangling the cultivar published as Quercus texana ‘New Madrid’

Plant Collections Network Multisite Quercus Collection

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Matthew Lobdell

Published May 2019 in International Oaks No. 30: 301–308


The Plant Collections Network is a collaboration between the American Public Gardens Association and USDA-ARS to promote Standards of Excellence in Plant Collections. Collections achieving such standards are recognized as Nationally Accredited Plant Collections™. Twenty botanical gardens and arboreta located across the United States have come together to form a multisite Quercus collection, creating a collaborative Curatorial Group dedicated to advancing cultivation and study of the genus. The group meets annually and sets both short- and long-term goals for various projects including plant acquisition, documentation, recruitment, research support, and communication. Now over a decade old, the group has expanded in size, scope, and reach, and has taken a particular interest in supporting ex-situ conservation activities, particularly with the support of the American Public Gardens Association/United States Forest Service (APGA/USFS) Tree Gene Conservation Partnership. Future efforts will include consolidating the group inventory as a searchable web database, and seeking collaboration with Mexican botanical gardens.


American Public Gardens Association, ex-situ conservation, plant collections, Plant Collections Network


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