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Oak Open Days, Argentina, April 22-24, 2016

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Roderick Cameron

Published May 2017 in International Oaks No. 28: 133–150


The first IOS Oak Open Day event south of the Equator took place April 22-24, 2016, in Argentina. It was originally planned as a two-day event, visiting the two principal oak collections in the country, but a third day was added to include a visit to Argentina’s first commercial truffle-oak plantation. A combined total of 53 people attended the event, with several participants partaking in one or two of the days: a core of 17 stayed the entire course and visited all three locations (the metaphor is apt, and indeed the event might have been called the Argentine Oak Rally, as participants covered about 450 km from starting point to end point, without counting travel to and from home!). The objective of this particular OOD was not so much to get IOS members together as to spread the oak gospel to the uninitiated, and while we had a full turnout of local members from Argentina and Uruguay (four, one unable to come but ably represented by an enthusiastic stand in), members were far outnumbered by guests.


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