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The oak tree in Skjomendalen © Gerhard Sørensen-Fuglem and Cecilia Piccirilli Bjerkeset
An oak grows north of the Arctic Circle in Norway
Website Editor | Aug 14, 2023
Unusual symptoms linked to phytoplasma infection in Quercus humboldtiii, Colombia © Eric Boa
Symptoms linked to phytoplasma infection found in Quercus...
Website Editor | Aug 06, 2023
Different names are being used for one species.
Website Editor | Jun 20, 2023

Plant Focus

A small but mature Alabama sandstone oak producing acorns © Patrick Thompson
A Critically Endangered dwarf oak 

New and Lesser-Known Cultivars and Two New Cultivar Groups

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Eike J. Jablonski and Ryan Russell

Published May 2020 in International Oaks No. 31: 77–88


The registrars of the International Oak Society are responsible for registering, updating and locating new selections of oaks throughout the world. The majority of these come from North America and Europe. New cultivars are selected for a variety of reasons, including fall color, unique foliage, habit, form, or fruiting characteristics. These cultivars come to us in many ways. Although some are notified to us by their originators through the registration link on the IOS website, most must be tracked down individually via the Internet, nursery catalogs, various publications and data from collections. In many cases, this work requires traveling to gather information from breeders, nurserymen or collection holders, and to collect the Standard Specimens. The registrars welcome information about new cultivars or older cultivars that have not been registered yet. Please send this either to Eike Jablonski (Eurasia and Africa) or Ryan Russell (the Americas).


ICRA, Quercus cultivars


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