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The oak tree in Skjomendalen © Gerhard Sørensen-Fuglem and Cecilia Piccirilli Bjerkeset
An oak grows north of the Arctic Circle in Norway
Website Editor | Aug 14, 2023
Unusual symptoms linked to phytoplasma infection in Quercus humboldtiii, Colombia © Eric Boa
Symptoms linked to phytoplasma infection found in Quercus...
Website Editor | Aug 06, 2023
Different names are being used for one species.
Website Editor | Jun 20, 2023

Plant Focus

A small but mature Alabama sandstone oak producing acorns © Patrick Thompson
A Critically Endangered dwarf oak 

International Dendrology Society in Southwestern France and Northern Spain September 29-October 4, 2021

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Stephen Wood

Published May 2022 in International Oaks No. 33: 95–116


It was with a certain relief that friendly and familiar faces were seen at a café table in Bayonne as one emerged from the station. In the UK there are always anxieties about trains being cancelled but the SNCF provided swift, comfortable and efficient service.

We were soon on our coach passing through Bayonne headed for Les Pépinières Maymou, in the northern part of the city. Upon arrival, we were met by our guide, Monique Anguld, née Maymou, whose family created the nursery in 1884. In 1968 planting started to create an arboretum.


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