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Plant Focus

A guest post by Matt Candeias, host of the In Defense of Plants podcast and blog

Global count reaches 3 trillion trees

Global count reaches 3 trillion trees  

There are roughly 3 trillion trees on earth, says a study published by Nature.  That is 7 times more than previously estimated.  Nevertheless, the authors estimate that 15 billion trees are cut each year and the world population of trees is estimated to have decreased by 46% since man started farming some 12000 years ago.

Logically, more trees means more carbon-storage capacity.  However, the authors remain cautious about this.  Carbon-storage capacity also depends on tree size.  Large tree store more carbon than smaller, thinner trees.  And tree density has an impact on size.

"A thourough understanding of total vegetative carbon storage capacity requires information about both the size and the number of individual trees," write the authors.

The full article can be viewed on line here.

Crowther, T. W. et al. Nature http://dx.doi.org/10.1038/nature14967 (2015).