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Plant Focus

A small but mature Alabama sandstone oak producing acorns © Patrick Thompson
A Critically Endangered dwarf oak 

Giant German Oaks

Our German speaking members will be interested to learn that a new book on giant oaks in Germany was published in September 2017: Riesige Eichen — Baumpersönlichkeiten und ihre Geschichten (Giant Oaks — Tree Personalities and Their Stories). The work of Dutch tree photographer Jeroen Pater, the book includes detailed portraits of 150 of the most impressive oaks in Germany, some of which have not yet been listed in catalogs. Beautiful photographs capture the majesty and dignity of these silent witnesses of the past, while historical illustrations of selected trees allow interesting comparisons. This magnificent picture book featuring Germany’s largest tree personalities includes a map showing the location of each tree.

Riesige Eichen
Jeroen Pater, Franckh-Kosmos Verlag, Stuttgart, 2017.
320 pages, 195 color photographs

Jeroen Pater works for the state forestry and nature administration in the Netherlands. Fascinated by trees since childhood, he has traveled all over Europe in search of the most impressive and ancient tree personalities of the continent. He has published numerous articles on this topic.

You can view a preview of the book here, and a review in German here. Jeroen has kindly provided three photos from the book to preview below and also offers a rough translation into English of text by Paul Germann (write to us at website@internationaloaksociety.org and we will forward the request). 

"Dicke Eiche" (Thick Oak) near the village of Krügersdorf close to  the border with Poland (girth:10.27 m)
"Kamin Eiche" (Fireplace Oak) in Urwald Sababurg, north of Kassel. (girth: 7.10 m)
The "Rieseneiche" (Giant Oak) near the village Niedergurig, east of Dresden (girth: 9.07 m). All three oaks pictured above are Quercus robur.

Photos © Jeroen Pater