Finnish Dendrological Society (Dendrologian Seura) - Quercus Seminar

Event Date: 
Friday, 14 December 2012

Oaks around us – Quercus seminar in 2012

Venue:             Hall 104, Tieteiden talo, Kirkkokatu 6, Helsinki

For Tieteiden talo (House of Science and Letters), see


The Finnish Dendrological Society (Dendrologian Seura) has named Quercus, the oaks, as the Tree Genus of the Year 2012. The society organizes traditionally a seminar for the Tree Genus of the Year in the autumn. The event is open for all and free of charge.


10:00   Eike Jablonski, vicepresident, Deutsche Dendrologische Gesellschaft, LTA Luxemburg,

Oaks around the world (in English)

10:50   Pekka Vakkari, METLA, Conservation genetics of oaks (in Finnish)

11:20   Break

11:30   Bess Hardwick, University of Helsinki, Gall wasps of oaks (in Finnish)

12:00   Samuli Helama, METLA, Dendrochronology of oaks (in Finnish)


12:30   Lunch break


13:30   Sten Ridderlöf, vice chairman, Föreningen för Dendrologi och Parkvård, Sweden,

East Asiatic oaks in the Nordic countries (in Swedish)

14:20   Robert Rainio, Growing oaks in Finland (in Finnish)

14:50   Juha Fagerholm, Exotic oaks in Finland (in Finnish)

15:20   Panel discussion, Oaks and the climate

16:00   End


Times are approximate.


After the seminar at 16:15, the Autumn Meeting of the Finnish Dendrological Society will be held at the same location.


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