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Karl Georg Theodor Kotschy was an Austrian botanist and...
Eike Jablonski | Jun 11, 2016
Quercus grisea - Greenlee County, AZ
This article is an account of the oak field trip organized...
Charles Snyers | Sep 22, 2017
North American oaks have a northern temperate origin and...
Website Editor | Oct 12, 2017

Plant Focus

Quercus acutissima subsp. kingii
Quercus acutissima Carruth. is a species whose natural distribution covers a vast territory in East and Southeast Asia, from central Nepal...

Double Sprouting

Here are two photos of acorns collected at Hackfalls end of April and now germinating. They are Quercus macrocarpa and Q. crassifolia. If you look closely, all the acorns illustrated have two roots and two shoots. This seems to be the Quercus equivalent of having twins. Will these grow into decent trees or will they always be a bit of a problem because of being double? and is this normal?

Quercus crassifolia Quercus macrocarpa