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Conservation Needed for the Fagaceae in Southeastern Taiwan

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Yueh-Fong Chen, Kuoh-Cheng Yang, Fu-Che Pan, Ai-Kuang Tung, and Fuh-Jiunn Pan

Published May 2023 in International Oaks No. 34: 21–28


Research was undertaken in southeastern Taiwan covering a study area of 80 km2 and an altitudinal range between 50 and 1,630 m.a.s.l. One hundred and twenty-four quadrat plots of 20 m2 were set up to investigate the forest composition within the area. In total, we recorded 26 Fagaceae species, showing that this area has the highest Fagaceae diversity in Taiwan. Of these 26 species, 11 are endemic to Taiwan and 10 frequently possess prominent buttresses.

Our results show that the Fagaceae diversity of the forests in our study area is unique in Taiwan. We conclude that it is necessary to create a conservation area in order to protect these forests and appeal for the support of Fagaceae lovers worldwide.


Quercus, Lithocarpus, Castanopsis, endangered species, buttresses


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