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Karl Georg Theodor Kotschy was an Austrian botanist and...
Eike Jablonski | Jun 11, 2016
Quercus grisea - Greenlee County, AZ
This article is an account of the oak field trip organized...
Charles Snyers | Sep 22, 2017
North American oaks have a northern temperate origin and...
Website Editor | Oct 12, 2017

Plant Focus

Quercus acutissima subsp. kingii
Quercus acutissima Carruth. is a species whose natural distribution covers a vast territory in East and Southeast Asia, from central Nepal...

Roderick Cameron's blog

Update on the Valonia Oak Restoration Project

Peter Marshall reports on the project to restore an old plantation of Valonia Oaks in Australia.

Catalog of Oaks at Grigadale Arboretum Published Online

Grigadale Arboretum in Argentina has taken a first step in making the species list of its oaks available online.

New Old Oaks Found in England

A 900-year old oak tree doesn’t sound like the sort of thing you could keep hidden for any length of time (let alone centuries), but it seems that the English have pulled off the trick.

Quercus in the Rugby World Cup

What connection could there possibly be between oaks and world cup rugby?

Relocate Species to Ensure Their Survival?

An article in The Economist proposes a radical approach for conservation of threatened species.

The 8th International Oak Society Seed Exchange

Nick Stoynoff and team organized a memorable Seed Exchange at the 8th IOS Conference.

News from IOS Award recipients

Bob McCartney and his IOS Special Service Award were in his local newspaper, while Dirk Benoit received his Award in Belgium.

Jim Hitz designed a perfect follow up to the IOS Conference at The Morton Arboretum: three days touring varied sites in Indiana, with a foray into Michigan.

Blackjack at The Morton Arboretum

Twenty-one years to the day after the first IOS meeting took place, the Society held its 8th Conference at the same venue.

BBC Documentary on a Year in the Life of an Oak Tree

The BBC's Oak Tree: Nature's Greatest Survivor documents a year-long study in which entomologist George McGavin investigates the sophisticated biology of one of the great icons of the British countryside - the oak tree.


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