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Ancient Oaks and Biodiveresity page 1
Aljos Farjon FLS reports on the biodiversity of High Park,...
Website Editor | Jun 28, 2024
David Oliver and the northernmost oak (to date)
Oaks found close to the 70th parallel north
DW Oliver | Jun 28, 2024
Action Oak Report 2023-24
Action Oak is a unique collaboration of charities,...
Annabel Narayanan | Jun 26, 2024

Plant Focus

Quercus peninsularis
A Red Oak (Section Lobatae) endemic to inland ranges of northern Baja California, Mexico

Roderick Cameron's blog

A Purple-Leaved Quercus rotundifolia

Burgundy leaves on Q. rotundifolia

Santiago Reyna has selected a bushy holm oak with attractive maroon-burgundy leaves.

Whistling with an Acorn Cap

Acorn cap whistler in Extremadura

We all know the best you can do with an acorn (turn it into an oak), but what can we do with a cupule? One answer is: whistle! It is a good skill to learn. If you are ever lost in the woods, you can use it to emit a shrill call for help or to whistle a happy tune so that no one knows you are afraid. In some regions of the world there seems to have been a long tradition of acorn-cap whistling, particularly among Spanish goatherds. In Mexico, too, children are known to use acorns for whistling.

New US Postage Stamp Features an Oak

Oak featured on a new US stamp

A new stamp issued by the United States Post Office in August 2023 depicts an oak, though not in a form that most quercophiles would recognize.

Oaks in Shakespeare

Falstaff at Hern's Oak

Shakespeare mentions oaks more than any other tree.

Blue Jays and Oaks by Jay Wright

Blue Jays and Oaks by Jay Wright

Tim Boland brought to our attention an interesting discussion of dispersal of acorns by Blue Jays (Cyanocitta cristata). The presentation was hosted by the Association of Field Ornithologists (AFO) and sponsored and is part of AFO Café, a series of informal science conversations about birds, their habitats, and field biology, with a short update on AFO’s programs. 

A Fagaceae Species That Has Flummoxed Taxonomists


An encounter in Taiwan with a genus in Fagaceae I had never heard of.

Saving Quercus frainetto

Quercus frainetto

A proposal to conserve the name for Hungarian oak

Capitol Oaks

Quercus marilandica and the Capitol

Many oaks have been planted as memorial trees near the Capitol

Oaks on Postage Stamps


It turns out quite a number of countries have issued stamps featuring oaks...

Oaks in Macbeth?


Filmmakers have not shown oaks in their portrayals of Birnam Wood.