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Emory oak near Young, Arizona © Nanebah Lyndon
Emory oak acorns are a critically important commodity for...
Website Editor | Feb 12, 2021
Ecological Landscape Alliance
Murphy Westwood and Tim Boland presented on oak diversity...
Website Editor | Feb 12, 2021
Keiko Tokunaga's Illustrated Fagaceae
Shaun Haddock reviews Keiko Tokunaga's latest book.
Shaun Haddock | Feb 09, 2021

Plant Focus

Quercus texana New Madrid acorn
Disentangling the cultivar published as Quercus texana ‘New Madrid’

Plant Focus

Quercus texana New Madrid acorn

Disentangling the cultivar published as Quercus texana ‘New Madrid’

Species Spotlight: Quercus skinneri Benth.

Quercus skinneri

Quercus skinneri is a Central American oak, distinguished by the large size of its fruit.

Species Spotlight: Quercus lyrata Walter


A guest post by Matt Candeias, host of the In Defense of Plants podcast and blog

Cultivar Close-Up: Bokrijk Cultivars


Six oak cultivars originally described by Jef Van Meulder in 2014.

Species Spotlight: Quercus stenophylloides Hayata


Quercus stenophylloides is a medium-sized evergreen oak (15–18 m tall) restricted to central and northern Taiwan.

Hybrid Highlight: Quercus ×vilmoriniana A.Camus


An intercontinental artificial hybrid raised at Arboretum national des Barres.

Species Spotlight: Quercus hypophaea Hayata


First described by the Japanese botanist Bunzō Hayata in 1913, Quercus hypophaea is a medium to large evergreen oak restricted to the southeastern part of Taiwan.

Species Spotlight: Quercus tarokoensis Hayata


Quercus tarokoensis (local name 太鲁阁栎 tai lu ge li, "oak of Taroko") is a fairly unknown oak species, restricted to eastern Taiwan.

Cultivar Close-Up: Quercus 'Maya' and 'Zehra'


There are a growing number of unique hybrid selections that feature Quercus rysophylla as one parent.

Hybrid Highlight: Quercus ×ludoviciana Sarg.


Quercus ×ludoviciana is a naturally occurring oak hybrid from southeastern United States, which has flourished and attracted attention in collections worldwide. Over the years there has been some confusion regarding the hybrid’s parentage, but it is currently accepted to be a cross of Q. phellos (willow oak) and Q. pagoda (cherrybark oak).


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