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Pages from Gert's book
It was a great pleasure for me to be able to write about my...
Gert Fortgens | Feb 15, 2024
Quercus marlipoensis acorns
A new study has analyzed the germination characteristics of...
Website Editor | Feb 15, 2024
Gall on Quercus grahamii
A new species of oak gall wasp has been named in honor of...
Website Editor | Feb 14, 2024

Plant Focus

For this Species Spotlight we train our follow spot on an oak that is quite a star of the quercine scene: Quercus hypoleucoides (stage name...

Oak Nomenclature

Kellogg's Oak Names

Dr. Albert Kellogg aged 72

Albert Kellogg proposed six names for oaks, though only once is currently accepted.


The latest issue of the journal TAXON includes a proposal to conserve the name Quercus pacifica Nixon & C.H. Mull., which is the recognized name for a shrubby oak endemic to three islands off the coast of southern California.