Oak Artists

Artsits and illustrators using oaks as subject matter

Beth Moon's Portraits of Oaks

Continuing our series Oak Artists, we look at portraits of ancient English oaks by California-based photographer Beth Moon.  Her photos in black and white, which she prefers to color because it is “less distracting, allowing form to become more visible,” are suffused with a luminosity that make them memorable portraits, capturing an essence that would not be apparent to the naked eye or a standard color photograph.

Andrea Jones: Capturing the Splendor of Oaks

Andrea Jones is one of the world's foremost garden photographers, whose pictures have appeared in many books, magazines and newspapers worldwide. She kindly agreed to an email interview which focused exclusively on her experience photographing oaks, adding another chapter to our series on oak artists.

Gustaf Emanuelsson: Oak Photographer

Latest in our series on Oak Artists is an interview with Swedish photographer Gustaf Emanuelsson, whose photos of the Oak of Kvill were featured in our reposting of Stefan Foconi’s article. Gustaf is working on a long term project documenting the giant trees of Sweden, most of which are oaks


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