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Ancient Oaks and Biodiveresity page 1
Aljos Farjon FLS reports on the biodiversity of High Park,...
Website Editor | Jun 28, 2024
David Oliver and the northernmost oak (to date)
Oaks found close to the 70th parallel north
DW Oliver | Jun 28, 2024
Action Oak Report 2023-24
Action Oak is a unique collaboration of charities,...
Annabel Narayanan | Jun 26, 2024

Plant Focus

Quercus peninsularis
A Red Oak (Section Lobatae) endemic to inland ranges of northern Baja California, Mexico


Not Another Oak Calamity…

Unusual symptoms linked to phytoplasma infection in Quercus humboldtiii, Colombia © Eric Boa

Symptoms linked to phytoplasma infection found in Quercus humboldtii in Colombia

The Royal Oaks of Penrice Castle, Wales

Miss Emily Talbot helps plant an oak (number 1 or 2, Quercus ×rosacea aff. robur), 1904; image courtesy Thomas Methuen-Campbell

What species of oak were planted by Royals at Penrice?

A work visit to Taiwan highlights the need to conserve vulnerable Fagaceae species.


The story of Oregon white oak (Quercus garryana var. garryana) is a story of people who are connected with nature.

A.G.B. Fairchild with Quercus skinneri acorns

The famous agricultural explorer was fascinated by the large acorns he found in Guatemala in 1944.

GCC's Cryopreservation Working Group


The Global Conservation Consortia (GCC) has established a cryopreservation working group. It is led by Valerie Pence and her team at Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden’s The Lindner Center for Conservation and Research of Endangered Wildlife (CREW), with the support of the GCC Coordinators. On a quarterly basis the group holds meetings in which members present their cryopreservation work by providing updates, sharing results, or introducing new projects to receive input and feedback.

Another New Species of Oak From Vietnam

Quercus mangdenensis images

Quercus mangdenensis H.T. Bing & Ngoc published in Phytokeys

First Community Festival of Conservation of Quercus brandegeei 2022

Festival organizers

A festival in Mexico raises awareness about a threatened oak