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Carlos collecting Quercus ×alentejana (Q. faginea × Q. pyrenaica) in northeastern Portugal for his PhD thesis © Carlos Vila-Viçosa
An interview with Portuguese oak conservationist Dr. Carlos...
Amy Byrne | Apr 19, 2024
Roderick Cameron | Apr 13, 2024
Pages from Gert's book
It was a great pleasure for me to be able to write about my...
Gert Fortgens | Feb 15, 2024

Plant Focus

Quercus crassipes acorns with inrolled cupule margin
One of the more well-known Mexican oaks in cultivation.


Propagation Protocol for Quercus insignis

Cover of the Protocolo

The Global Conservation Consortium for Oak published a protocol for the propagation of Quercus insignis.

Seeking Quercus austrina for Conservation

Typical bluff oak habitat

A team from Holden Forests & Gardens traveled south to collect bluff oak acorns.

Trials and Tribulations of Quercus marlipoensis

Quercus marlipoensis acorns

A new study has analyzed the germination characteristics of Quercus marlipoensis.

Distribution ranges of section Cerris

A recent study explores the evolutionary and biogeographical history of section Cerris.

New Species of Gall Wasp Described on Quercus grahamii

Gall on Quercus grahamii

A new species of oak gall wasp has been named in honor of Allen Coombes.

Conservation Efforts for Quercus cedrosensis

Air layering Quercus cedrosensis - photo Greg Bluffin

Air layering is being used to propagate a rare oak.

The World’s Northernmost Oak?

The oak tree in Skjomendalen © Gerhard Sørensen-Fuglem and Cecilia Piccirilli Bjerkeset

An oak grows north of the Arctic Circle in Norway

Not Another Oak Calamity…

Unusual symptoms linked to phytoplasma infection in Quercus humboldtiii, Colombia © Eric Boa

Symptoms linked to phytoplasma infection found in Quercus humboldtii in Colombia

The Royal Oaks of Penrice Castle, Wales

Miss Emily Talbot helps plant an oak (number 1 or 2, Quercus ×rosacea aff. robur), 1904; image courtesy Thomas Methuen-Campbell

What species of oak were planted by Royals at Penrice?