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Plant Focus

Dwarf cultivars can be ideal for a small garden. Here are three "mini oaks". 



Acorns can be a source of cheap plant material, in part due to underutilization, so from an economical perspective they have a high potential for the processing industry.

Hybrid Oaks Under Evaluation


For nearly 15 years, Nina Bassuk and her grad students at the Cornell Urban Horticulture Institute (UHI) have been developing hybrid oaks for exceptional tolerance of urban conditions (drought, alkaline soil, etc.)

Saving the Keirunga Oaks


An admirable community effort in the town of Havelock North in New Zealand’s Hawke’s Bay has saved dozens of 80-year-old oaks that had been slated for removal by the local city council.


The Morton Arboretum is pleased to announce the release of the Conservation Gap Analysis of Native U.S. Oaks.


The Morton Arboretum, in collaboration with Botanic Gardens Conservation International U.S., are conducting a global ex-situ collections survey of six priority tree genera.

Cloning Old Oaks in Poland


Scientists in Poland have successfully micropropagated 500- to 800-year-old oaks and two of the saplings were planted in April.

The Israeli Oak Association


A new association aims to raise and improve the status of the oak trees in Israel.

Exploring for Quercus ajoensis and Q. toumeyi


The Huntington, in San Marino, CA, obtained a grant from American Public Gardens Association to study Quercus ajoensis and Q. toumeyi in collaboration with the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum (ASDM) in Tucson, AZ. The objectives were to scout localities where the two Quercus species had been observed in the past, confirm or deny presence of the species in several mountain ranges which have poorly documented or otherwise dubious records, collect acorns or material for micropropagation, and voucher the species at each location.

Action Oak

The Action Oak partnership was launched at this year’s Chelsea Flower Show in London last May

In October 2017, I visited Palomar Mountain State Park, San Diego County, California to collect acorns of the interior live oak, Quercus wislizeni (Section Lobatae), for an investigation of oak hybridization at that location. Following the first day on site, while reviewing the day’s leaf samples, acorns, and photographs, a chance photo with an oblique view suggested that one individual Q. wislizeni bore yellow or golden hairs on the abaxial leaf surface.


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