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Plant Focus

Quercus peninsularis
A Red Oak (Section Lobatae) endemic to inland ranges of northern Baja California, Mexico

Trompenburg Tuinen & Arboretum

Event Date: 
Thursday, 28 August 2014 to Friday, 29 August 2014


Program of the Oak Open Days at Trompenburg Gardens and Arboretum, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Come and see the oaks of Trompenburg and meet other IOS members from around the world! This two day event will offer the opportunity to learn about and see the actual type specimens of Trompenburg oak selections such as Quercus ‘Pondaim’, Q. ‘Macon’ , Q. ‘East Column’ and ‘West Column’, Q. ilicifolia ‘Tromp Ball’, Q. kelloggii ‘Grey Ghost’, Q. ×​haynaldiana ‘Crisnetto’! (See our collection on our  website).

Quercus Pondaim
Quercus 'Pondaim', the hybrid of Q. pontica and Q. dentata (Daimyo oak) that originated in Trompenburg

Presentations in our education building will be followed by walks in the garden to view our collections of oaks and many more interesting collections of plants. Several oak propagators will be sharing practical information concerning aspects of grafting of oaks.  Taiwan IOS members Prof. Fuh-Jiunn Pan (Dept. of Landscape Architecture, Chine Culture University, Taipei) and Dr. Li-Ping Ju, (researcher in Taipei Botanical Garden) will give presentations on the distribution of Quercus in Taiwan and on the Fagaceae of Taiwan. 

There will be a unique chance to buy or exchange oaks as well as an interesting exhibition of oak wood samples.

Your visit to Trompenburg can perfectly be combined with a visit to the international nursery trade show Plantarium in the nearby village of Boskoop.

Quercus rosacea West Column and East Column
Quercus ×rosacea 'West Column' (left) and 'East Column' (right), the type specimens in Trompenburg

Thursday Aug 28


  • 9.00 Walk in and registration
  • 10.00 Welcome
  • 10.15 Lecture: "Oaks of Trompenburg" by Gert Fortgens
  • 11.15 Walk among oaks
  • Lunch


  • Forum discussion on propagation of oaks
  • Garden walk viewing more oaks in the collection


  • Buffet dinner in Trompenburg

Friday Aug 29


  • Lecture: “Hybrid Oaks" and "Oaks on Facebook and the Internet” by Jeroen Braakman
  • Garden walk to view more oaks in Trompenburg


  • Lectures: "Oaks and Other Fagaceae in the Wild in Taiwan" by Prof. Fuh-Jiun Pan and Dr. Li-Ping Ju
  • Plant sales and acorn/plant exchange
  • Exhibition of samples and objects of oak wood from around the world by Dutch Wood Collectors Society.

Closing Oak Open Days ca 16.00 -17.00

Fagaceae of Taiwan poster
A poster of the Fagaceae of Taiwan

Optional extra: on-your-own, on Saturday visit the Plantarium Trade Show in Boskoop. (Plantarium is the leading international tree nursery trade fair. Participants from 15 different countries and trade visitors from 48 countries underline the international nature of the fair and make Plantarium the leading wholesale market for tree nursery products in Europe. At Plantarium, around 300 exhibitors from various countries will be showcasing a huge range of tree nursery products for the consumer market in pots and containers and as bare-rooted products. Supplier companies will also be displaying the latest developments. See www.plantarium.nl)

Near Trompenburg we have several hotels for accommodation. Low budget option: If you bring a small tent you can camp on our grounds.

The cost for this two day event (including coffee/tea, 2 lunches and 1 dinner) will be:

  • € 50 for IOS members
  • € 75 for non-members  



REGISTRATION VIA mail to: tours@internationaloaksociety.org

Quercus Maco
Quercus 'Macon', a hybrid of Q. macranthera and Q. frainetto (syn. Q. conferta): in the field of Trompenburg Gardens and Arboretum (above) and detail of leaves (below)


Quercus Macon leaves
Oak wood samples
A wide collection of oak wood samples will be on display Friday afternoon
Quercus warburgii graft
Quercus ×warburgii grafted on Q. robur died after 30 years. Caused by extended incompatibility?


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