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Plant Focus

Quercus crassipes acorns with inrolled cupule margin
One of the more well-known Mexican oaks in cultivation.

IOS Tour of Oregon

Event Date: 
Sunday, 17 September 2023 to Sunday, 24 September 2023

This 7-day Tour will be led by renowned plantsman Sean Hogan of Cistus Nursery. The first part of the trip will be based in Portland with visits to gardens and day trips to nearby locations. The second section will consist of a road trip through southwestern Oregon and northwestern California. We will see many of the area's native oaks as well as other horticultural attractions set in the stunning scenery of the Pacific Northwest.

Participants will be responsible for paying for their own accommodation and meals, save for a few occasions where catered lunches will be organized. In several cases we have included in the itinerary suggestions for accommodation, with links to the hotels so you can look up costs, etc. Though participants may choose to bring their own vehicle, we do plan to rent a van. The cost will depend on the number of passengers requesting it. The format of the Tour is flexible so participants may opt to join the Tour for certain days or sections.

Down payment required to guarantee your reservation

To secure a place on the Tour, we request that you make a down payment of USD 100. These funds will go towards shared expenses on the Tour (e.g., catered lunches, etc.). The cost of a rental van, however, will be shared among those participants who use it. To book your place on the Tour, please pay the reservation guarantee before July 31. You can make the payment online here. Reservations after that date will be subject to availability. Please email tours@internationaloaksociety.org for further information and to let us know whether you will participate in the whole Tour or only a section of it. The reservation guarantee is required for any participation in the Tour, and you must be a member of the IOS to join the Tour.


Day 1: Sunday, September 17

Arrive in Portland

Gather as from 4 pm at Cistus Nursery for informal tours of the nursery (if you would like a ride to the nursery, a van will be leaving from Hotel Deluxe at 3.20 pm).

6 pm: gala reception at Cistus Nursery (sponsored by Bartlett Tree Experts)

10 pm: van returns to hotels

Accommodation: hotels in Portland

- Hotel deLuxe (recommended)

- The Mark Spencer Hotel

- Hotel Lucia

Quercus garrayana on Sauvie Island, close to Cistus Nursery
Quercus garryana on Sauvie Island, close to Cistus Nursery


Day 2: Monday, September 18

Cistus Nursery, Sauvie Island, Portland gardens


9 am: meet at Cistus Nursery for presentations (including Adam Black, Brian French, Ed Alverson) and a tour of the nursery—including Rancho Cistus, Sean Hogan and Preston Pew's most recent project—and Sauvie Island.

Lunch: at Cistus Nursery (sponsored by Bartlett Tree Experts)

Afternoon: View oaks off the island and visit gardens in Portland, including Hoyt Arboretum and the "11th Avenue Arboretum" featuring oaks planted by Sean Hogan in th 1990s.

Dinner: Portland, West End.

Accommodation: hotels in Portland

Quercus tomentella in the Rancho Cistus collection
Quercus tomentella in the Rancho Cistus collection

Day 3: Tuesday, September 19

Day trip to Columbia River Gorge, Lolo Pass, and Mount Hood

Morning: head out east towards Mount Hood National Forest via Columbia River Gorge.

  • View: Chrysolepis chrysophylla, Quercus garryana, desert transition.

Lunch: boxed lunches

Afternoon: Mount Hood National Forest, town of Mosier east of Hood River;

Dinner: Hood River; return to Portland

Accommodation: hotels in Portland

Emerging growth on Quercus tarahumara Rancho Cistus collection
Emerging growth on Quercus tarahumara, Rancho Cistus collection

Day 4: Wednesday, September 20

Travel to Siskiyou Mountains

Morning: visit Mark and Jolly Krautmann’s 500-acre oak woodland and restoration project near McMinnville (1-hour drive SW of Portland)

Lunch: kindly hosted by Mark and Jolly, including a wine-tasting event featuring local wineries

Afternoon: travel to Siskiyous (4.5 hours), Darlingtonia bogs (carnivorous-plant bogs on serpentine rock); Fiddler Mountain.

  • View: Q. sadleriana, Q. vacciniifolia, Q. chrysolepis, Q. vacciniifolia × chrysolepis, Q. kelloggii, Q. garryana var. breweri, Notholithocarpus densiflorus, other trees and shrubs.

Dinner: Restaurants in Grants Pass

Accommodation: Riverside Inn, Grants Pass, Oregon

Quercus sadleriana, Siskiyou Mountains, Oregon
Quercus sadleriana, Siskiyou Mountains, Oregon

Day 5: Thursday, September 21 (updated)

Siskiyou Mountains

Morning: higher slopes of Fiddler Mountain

  • View: Notholithocarpus densiflorus var. echinoides, Q. kelloggii, Q. vacciniifolia, Q. sadleriana, Q. sadleriana × garryana.

Lunch: packed lunch

Afternoon: Galice, Bear Creek Summit

Dinner: hosted by Scot Medbury at his garden in Brookings

Accommodation: Westward Inn or Wild Rivers Motorlodge, Brookings, Oregon

Notholithocarpus densiflorus v echinioides- fav spot on Oregon Mountain S OR
Notholithocarpus densiflorus var. echinoides on Oregon Mountain, Southern Oregon

Day 6: Friday, September 22 (updated)

Travel to Trinity Alps

Morning: head down the coast to Eureka, California (100 km) en route to Trinity Alps (E on Highway 299, another 110 km), arrive late morning.

  • View: Redwood groves, Q. wislizeni.

Lunch: pick up packed lunch in Eureka

Afternoon: Trinity Alps en route to Hayfork Summit

  • View: Q. dumosa, Q. durata, Q. berberidifolia, Q. wislizeni var. frutescens, Q. garryana var. semota and hybrids

Dinner: Weaverville, California

Accommodation: Motel Trinity, Weaverville, California

Quercus wislizenii var. fruticosa
Quercus wislizeni var. frutescens, Trinity Mountains, Northern California

Day 7: Saturday, September 23

Trinity Alps and return to Siskiyous

Morning: Trinity Alps, en route to Buckhorn Summit, California

  • View: Chrysolepis sempervirens × chrysophylla, Notholithocarpus densiflorus

Lunch: pick up packed lunch to have en route

Afternoon: Trinity Alps, east into Redding, California, and drive back north to Siskiyous

  • View: Q. douglasii, Q. lobata, Q. wislizeni

(those going to San Francisco could depart from Redding; 370 km drive)

Dinner: Restaurants in Ashland, Oregon


- Ashland Springs Hotel

- Timbers Inn & Suites

Highly indumented form of Quercus chrysolepis along the Rogue River, Oregon
Highly indumented form of Quercus chrysolepis along the Rogue River, Oregon


Day 8: Sunday, September 24

Tour ends

Van returns to Portland airport (480 km)

Q sadleriana x garryana v breweri near Bear Camo, Oregon
Quercus sadleriana × garryana var. breweri near Bear Camp, Oregon

You van view the itinerary on a map here.

Notholithocarpus densiflorus ( intermediate form) with Chrysolepis chrysophylla- in Oregon’s Siskiyou Mountains
Notholithocarpus densiflorus (intermediate form) with Chrysolepis chrysophylla in Oregon’s Siskiyou Mountains
Autumn color of Q kelloggii and Mt Shasta on the Oregon/California border
Autumn color of Quercus kelloggii and Mt. Shasta on the Oregon/California border



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