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IOS Tour of Israel 2020

Event Date: 
Sunday, 18 October 2020 to Saturday, 24 October 2020

NB: Dates are still to be determined (either Oct 18 - 24 or Oct 25 - 31)

This is the best time for acorns and the best weather in Israel.

Suggested itinerary and places of interest

Day 1 – Jerusalem Botanical Garden. Planting an oak in memory of the late Michael Avishai. Visit to see some large wild Quercus calliprinos in the Jerusalem area.

Overnight - Jerusalem

Day 2 – The story of the Sharon region. Visit to 2-3 locations with impressive Q. ithaburensis trees. Visit to Yad Hanadiv.

Overnight - Haifa

Day 3 – Lower Galilee. Bethlehem Haglilit forest, Mt. Tabor, and Beit Keshet: Q. ithaburensis, Q. calliprinos.

Overnight – Nazareth

Nazareth is located in lower Galilee and I would suggest we allocate half a day to allow participants to visit this town.

Day 4 – Upper Galilee

Numerous options to be decided. Monumental/Sacred trees, Mt Meron and a walking trail of Nahal Tziv'on.

Overnight – Emek Hchula

Day 5 – Golan Heights and Mt. Hermon. The oaks of Hazouri, the oaks of Har Betarim, The oaks of Mt. Kachal and Odem forest. There are more options to be decided.

Overnight – Tel Aviv

The country is small in size and I believe that we can get few local arborists, oak lovers, and professional botanists to join us and share with us their knowledge and passion for Israeli oaks. We expect acorns of Q. ithaburensis and Q. calliprinos will be available. With some luck, we might be able to find Q. infectoria ssp. veneris (syn. Q. boissieri), and with more luck perhaps Q. look and Q. cerris.

Ezra Barnea
Tour Organizer

Quercus ithaburensis
Quercus ithaburensis, Lower Galilee, girth: 270 cm © Ophir Keren


Jerusalem Botanic Garden
Zalman Shne'ur St 1 Jerusalem
31° 45' 57.6684" N, 35° 12' 2.916" E
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