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Carlos collecting Quercus ×alentejana (Q. faginea × Q. pyrenaica) in northeastern Portugal for his PhD thesis © Carlos Vila-Viçosa
An interview with Portuguese oak conservationist Dr. Carlos...
Amy Byrne | Apr 19, 2024
Roderick Cameron | Apr 13, 2024
Pages from Gert's book
It was a great pleasure for me to be able to write about my...
Gert Fortgens | Feb 15, 2024

Plant Focus

Quercus crassipes acorns with inrolled cupule margin
One of the more well-known Mexican oaks in cultivation.

Guy Sternberg on 'Taco', GCCO, and More—on NPR Illinois

IOS founding member and oak doyen Guy Sternberg was interviewed by Vanessa Ferguson for NPR Illinois. You can listen to the program here. During the interview, reference is made to the ortet tree of Quercus ×bebbiana 'Taco', a tree Guy spotted growing next to a Taco Bell restaurant in Springfield, Ill. According to Guy, several dozen IOS members have seen the Taco Oak when visiting Starhill Forest Arboretum, as it is one of the landmark trees he features on tree tours. You can access the article mentioned in the interview here and Ryan Russell's Cultivar Close-Up feature on the cultivar here.

Leaves on a Quercus ×bebbiana ‘Taco’  © Ryan Russell