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The Morton Arboretum, in collaboration with Botanic Gardens...
Website Editor | Jul 17, 2019
Stelian Radu, a founding member of the IOS, accomplished an...
Website Editor | Jun 16, 2019
Scientists in Poland have successfully micropropagated 500...
Website Editor | May 30, 2019

Plant Focus

Quercus look is one of the least-known oaks of the arid mountains of the Middle East. It grows on Mount Hermon and in the Anti-Lebanon...

2009-2012 New Board, Officers and Committees


President : Béatrice Chassé
Vice-Président : Charles Snyers d’Attenhoven
Secretary : Jim Hitz
Treasurer : Bill Hess



Membership Director : Rudy Light

Development Director : Allen Coombes
Tours Director : Dirk Benoît
Editor International Oaks : Guy Sternberg
Editor Oak News & Notes : Allan Taylor




Finance : Bill Hess, Charles Snyers, Todd Lasseigne

Editorial : Guy Sternberg, Ron Lance, Allen Coombes, Béatrice Chassé, Charles Snyers, Allan Taylor, Eike Jablonski
Taxonomy and Oak Cultivars : Allen Coombes, Richard Jensen, Bill Hess, Eike Jablonski, Piers Trehane
Tours : Dirk Benoît, Emily Griswold, Francisco Maria Vasquez Pardo, Tim Boland, Kunso Kim