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Plant Focus

Quercus peninsularis
A Red Oak (Section Lobatae) endemic to inland ranges of northern Baja California, Mexico

11th International Oak Society Conference

Event Date: 
Sunday, 5 October 2025 to Wednesday, 8 October 2025

International Oak Society Conferences are unique opportunities to talk, learn, and laugh with oak enthusiasts that hail from vastly different horizons: botanists, geneticists, ecologists, arborists, creators of oak collections, conservationists, nursery operators, taxonomists and students, all passionate about the genus Quercus. The 11th IOS Conference (2025) will be held at the facilities of the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM, the National Autonomous University of Mexico) in downtown Oaxaca. Mexico has the highest oak diversity of any country in the world and the IOS is excited to be going back again after memorable 6th IOS Conference held in Puebla in 2006. The 11th IOS Conference will feature presentations on a wide range of topics relating to oaks, as well as hands-on workshops, poster sessions, and a field trip. A Call for Proposals will be announced early in 2025. Our famed Pre- and Post-Conference Tours are scheduled to take place over six days before and after the Conference:

Pre-Conference Tour

  • September 28–October 4: beginning in Morelia and ending in Oaxaca


  • October 5–8

Post-Conference Tour

  • October 9–14: beginning in Oaxaca, ending to be determined

The IOS hopes to once again offer a hybrid Conference, with the opportunity for participants to attend virtually.

Further details, including lodging information and a Conference agenda, will be announced here in due course.

The dates were revised in December 2023

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