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Flood-resistant Oaks?

After losing young oaks to flooding, I am on the look out for species that might not mind having their feet in water for a while.

Quercus rotundifolia var. macrocarpa

Some large acorns from Portugal lead to interesting correspondence with Iberian oak expert Francisco Vázquez.

The Oak at La Porteña al Sur

I recently had the opportunity of seeing one of the largest pedunculate oaks (Quercus robur) in South America. It stands at the edge of the large lawn in front of the homestead at La Porteña al Sur, once part of a vast estancia (estate) with a rich history stretching back to arrival of the Spaniards in the region of what is now Buenos Aires. The tree is remarkable for the size it has attained in a relatively short time, but also for its habit.


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