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De-forking Quercus dentata

After taking charge of my father's oak collection in 2009, I noticed that several of the trees had forks in the trunks and hence co-dominant stems. Having no knowledge of these matters, I consulted Guy Sternberg, who I had visited in Starhill Arboretum in 2010, seeking guidance. I sent him a photograph of some of the oaks in question, and he replied with suggestions on how to tackle one of the worst cases: a Quercus dentata planted out in 1998. Guy described this tree as having a "Very Bad Fork" and prescribed a course of subordination or suppression of the weak secondary leader.

Quercus Day in Argentina

On April 25 Grigadale Arboretum in Argentina received a small group of visitors for its first Oak Day. Participants came from near and far (from Buenos Aires at 500 km, and even from Salta in the north of Argentina, almost 2,000 km away) and included IOS members Peter Laharrague and Marilyn Mulville, members of the International Dendrology Society, a researcher from a leading botanic garden, and other oak enthusiasts—or soon to be enthusiasts.

Exciting news for quercophiles: a new book about Mexican oaks will be published in June. It will be in Spanish, but extensively illustrated. It is available for pre-order with an attractive discount on cover price. Below is an image of the sales brochure, with a translation of the text.


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