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Coppiced Oak Bushes?

The unexpected consequence of cutting down young oaks in the arboretum.

New Book Featuring Notable Trees: "World Tree Story"

World Tree Story, a new book by Julian Hight, featuring notable trees from around the world, including many oaks, is availlable for advance purchase.

De-forking Quercus dentata

After taking charge of my father's oak collection in 2009, I noticed that several of the trees had forks in the trunks and hence co-dominant stems. Having no knowledge of these matters, I consulted Guy Sternberg, who I had visited in Starhill Arboretum in 2010, seeking guidance. I sent him a photograph of some of the oaks in question, and he replied with suggestions on how to tackle one of the worst cases: a Quercus dentata planted out in 1998. Guy described this tree as having a "Very Bad Fork" and prescribed a course of subordination or suppression of the weak secondary leader.


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