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Quercus in Quijote

On the advice of a novelist friend of mine, I have been reading Cervantes' Don Quijote. It was recommended for its literary merit ("Flaubert knew the novel by heart before he learnt to read," my friend told me), but in Chapter XI I came across a passage that appealed more to the quercophile than to the bibliophile. 

Swamp White Oaks at the 911 Memorial in New York

Over 400 swamp white oaks stand guard at the 911 Memorial in New York City.

Oaks to Commemorate the Battle of Verdun

The Woodland Trust is looking for oak trees that were grown in England from acorns gathered at Verdun when the battle ended. The plan is to collect acorns from these trees and grow a second generation of “Verdun oaks” that will be planted at a centenary wood in Surrey, England.


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