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By Roderick Cameron |
Aug 17, 2014

Latest in our series on Oak Artists is an interview with Swedish photographer Gustaf Emanuelsson, whose photos of the Oak of Kvill were featured in our reposting of Stefan Foconi’s article. Gustaf is working on a long term project documenting the giant trees of Sweden, most of which are oaks

By Béatrice Chassé |
Aug 2, 2014

A double Oak Open Day: Christine Battle's Congrove Arboretum followed by a visit to the National Arboretum at Westonbirt.

By Tammie Russell |
Aug 1, 2014

Rain, mud, mosquitos, great trees, and wonderful people, all contributed to a successful Oak Open Day event held in Mississippi, June 27-29. Visitors from eight states gathered in West Point, MS for an event organized by Dudley Phelps and Ryan Russell

By Roderick Cameron |
May 24, 2014

IOS member Peter Laharrague's arboretum, San Miguel, is located near the town of Coronel Pringles in Argentina, at 38 degrees below the Equator. 

By Roderick Cameron |
May 20, 2014

When Christine and Ben Battle moved into Congrove Cottage in Upton Cheyney, near the city of Bath in the United Kingdom, they did not know the property concealed an old arboretum planted over 100 years prior to their arrival.

By Roderick Cameron |
May 19, 2014

IOS member Christine Battle has always had an interest in botanical art. Though she was only 14 when she was first smitten by a print of Albrecht Dürer’s watercolor Das große Rasenstück (Great Piece of Turf), it wasn’t till almost four decades later that she began painting plants, after receiving a birthday present of a two-day botanical art drawing course in 2006. 

By Stefan Foconi |
May 13, 2014

Originally published in International Oaks No. 20, this article by Stefan Foconi tells the story of the remarkable Oak of Kvill, in Sweden. We have posted it here with photos by Gustaf Emanuelsson and Maarten Windemuller. (See also latest information about this tree in the update in our blogs.)

By Charles Williams |
May 11, 2014

Charles Williams describes the evergreen oaks in Caerhays' collection, many of which are historic plants resulting form seed collected in the wild.

By Béatrice Chassé |
Mar 30, 2014

From October 24  to November 17, 2013, Olivier Colin, Charles Snyers, and Béatrice Chassé explored Northern Vietnam with the aim of finding its oaks.

By Website Editor |
Mar 30, 2014

Oak Creek Canyon is an extensive drainage basin on the southern edge of the Colorado Plateau in North Central Arizona. It is home to many different species of deciduous and evergreen oaks.

By Darin Jenke and Stephanie Bittner 


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