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Pages from Gert's book
It was a great pleasure for me to be able to write about my...
Gert Fortgens | Feb 15, 2024
Quercus marlipoensis acorns
A new study has analyzed the germination characteristics of...
Website Editor | Feb 15, 2024
Gall on Quercus grahamii
A new species of oak gall wasp has been named in honor of...
Website Editor | Feb 14, 2024

Plant Focus

For this Species Spotlight we train our follow spot on an oak that is quite a star of the quercine scene: Quercus hypoleucoides (stage name...

Trip Reports

IOS Tour of Oregon, September 2023

Tour Participants on Fiddler Peak

An account of the Tour guided by Sean Hogan


Five IOS members were invited to participate in an International Conservation Symposium in Taiwan.

2022 Pre-Conference Tour: Western Texas

Group at salt flats near Guadalupe Mountains National Park

San Antonio to Las Cruces: oaks and more

2022 Pre-Conference Tour: New Mexico

Group under Mangas Mountain Gambel oak

Oaks and other attractions, from Albuquerque to Las Cruces.

2022 Post-Conference Tour: Arizona

Group at Tortilla Flat

Four days with the oaks of Arizona

Scouting for Quercus welshii

Quercus welshii on dunes site south of Kayenta, Ariz.

A threatened oak found in northern Arizona and southern Utah.

2018 Post-Conference Tour #1: San Francisco Bay Area


Highlights of this tour included: University of California Botanical Garden at Berkeley, Long Ridge Open Space, Stanford oak woodland, and Apple Park.

2018 Pre-Conference Day Trips

On Sunday, October 21, prior to the evening Opening Reception that kicked off the Conference, participants could choose one of three Day Trips to nearby destinations. Below are brief reports of these outings, kindly provided by members who participated in each one.

2018 Post-Conference Tour #2: Central Coast


The second leg of the Post-Conference Tour: from Santa Cruz to Los Angeles

2018 Pre-Conference Tour #2: North Coast

Forty enthusiastic IOS members ventured from UC Davis through Sonoma wine country toward the north California coast. We visited sites of enormous habitat contrast that included many species of native oaks and the giant redwoods, unique in all the world.